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Will & Grace Drinking Game: You Say Potato, We Say Vodka

Will and Grace Drinking Game
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It’s been 11 years, but the gang is finally back together! NBC has revived Will & Grace for another 12 episodes, so it’s time to grab your juice boxes and catch up on some old episodes for a little season 9 pre-gaming.


We’ll try not to put too many Karen references in our drinking game (don’t want to take the easy way out), but we’re not making any promises. Without further ado, here are the rules.

Take a Sip Every Time:

  • Karen does.
  • Will mentions his gay childhood.
  • Grace references her sad love life.
  • Karen calls Will a girl’s name.
  • Karen insults Grace’s appearance.

  • The gang reflects on what terrible people they are.
  • Karen fakes doing work at Grace’s design firm.
  • Stanley Walker’s weight is mentioned.
  • Karen and Rosario insult each other.
  • Synchronized dancing occurs.


Take a Shot:

  • Every time Will mentions he wanted to be a writer.
  • Every time Grace uses or threatens to use her superhuman strength.
  • Whenever Anastasia Beaverhausen appears.
  • Whenever a Cher impression is made.
  • Whenever Karen admits how much she loves Rosario.


Finish Your Drink:

  • Whenever there’s a flashback.
  • Whenever a brief glimpse of Stan can be seen.
  • Whenever Grace sings. (You’ll thank us; we promise.)
  • Every time Will & Grace get competitive with Rob & Ellen.
  • Every time Jack does “Just Jack.” Then do “Just Jack” yourself.
will and grace drinking gameVia POPSUGAR

Will & Grace season 9 premieres September 28 on NBC, 8/7c.

Shoutout to @sambodiddy for her contributions.

Featured image via NBCWillAndGrace

Last modified on January 10th, 2018

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