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Cheers, Mate: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Drinking Game

Once Upon a Time Drinking Game
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Whether you’re binge-watching the first six seasons on Netflix or tuning in to the new, rebooted seventh season of OUAT every Sunday Friday night, this is the Once Upon a Time drinking game you need in your life — because time with the Charmings just doesn’t feel complete without magic, hope, and a drink in-hand.

Season 7 Special Edition

  • Take a sip every time a new character (or a new actor playing a different version of a familiar character) shows up.
  • Take a sip every time you get confused. We have a feeling this will happen a lot.
  • Take a shot if you miss the old OUAT.
  • Take a shot if you find a new OTP to shop despite all odds.
  • Take a shot every time an old favorite makes an appearance.
  • Finish your drink when Emma returns.
  • Finish your drink when Emma leaves. And breaks our hearts.

Take a sip every time:

  • Someone says “magic,” “dearie,” “savior,” “hope,” “deal,” “all magic comes with a price,” or “I will always find you.”
  • Zelena whines; two sips if she turns green while whining.
  • Someone gets their heart ripped out.
  • Henry refers to his “moms.”
  • Emma calls Henry “kid.”
  • You get distracted by the Evil Queen’s cleavage.
  • Rumple does something horrible and gets away with it.
  • Hook makes a sexual innuendo.

Take a shot if:

  • Someone dies.
  • Someone comes back from the dead.
  • Something new gets added to the timeline and you get even more confused.
  • Red and Dorothy ever get screen time again.
  • Henry invents a new “mission” name.
  • Regina does something evil (yes, flashbacks count).

Finish your drink when:

  • Your OTP breaks up.
  • Your OTP gets back together.
  • A new character is introduced.
  • Snow ugly-cries.
  • “True love’s kiss” happens.

Featured image via OnceABC

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Last modified on November 18th, 2019

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