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‘Agent Carter’ Drinking Game: Cheers to Feminism

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First things first, let us all toast the sheer miraculous fact that Agent Carter was renewed for a second season (with 10 episodes instead of 8!). The comic book/feminism gods were smiling on us the day ABC made that call. Celebrate Peggy’s badass sass by playing this Agent Carter drinking game.

Take a sip every time:

  • Someone makes a sexist joke.
  • Howard is skeezy (two sips if Peggy calls him out on it).
  • Peggy has a flashback about Steve/Captain America (but maybe those will be a little less frequent now that she seems to be moving on!).
  • You hear The Captain America Adventure Hour radio serial.
  • Peggy’s clothes are drool-worthy (so basically every time there’s a costume change.)
  • Jarvis is just the best. The best what? The best anything
  • People underestimating Peggy helps her so much that it’s basically her superpower.

Take a shot if/when:

  • Something explodes.
  • The Howling Commandos join the excitement once again.
  • Whitney Frost outsmarts Peggy Carter (I won’t be holding my breath).
  • Dottie comes back (after her mysterious disappearance at the end of Season 1).
  • Peggy ever actually gets credit for her work.

Finish your drink when:

  • Peggy gets in a fight and kicks ass
  • Chad Michael Murray’s Agent Thompson is just as punchable as he was in Season 1.
  • We get to see Jarvis’ wife’s face, finally.
  • Peggy finally opens up and lets a gal pal in. We need more lady-friends.
  • AGENT CARTER AND AGENT/CAPTAIN SOUSA FINALLY GET TOGETHER SWEET LORD (notice that I did NOT make this an “if.” It’s going to happen, people).

Image via Marvel’s Agent Carter

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Last modified on January 5th, 2017

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