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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Drinking Game: Drinktopia

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Drinking Game
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This Crazy Ex-Girlfriend drinking game is for those of us who: 1) are glad it’s back and don’t know how TF we survived without it; 2) still can’t believe it — or Rachel Bloom — hasn’t been nominated for all of the Emmys; and/or 3) just really need to drink to make it through Rebecca’s ridiculously cringe-worthy shenanigans.


Regardless of why you’re here, let’s drink! Here are the rules for the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend drinking game.

Take a sip every time:

  • You want to give Paula a high-five.
  • You want to yell at Rebecca because she’s hung up on Josh.
  • You want to yell at Rebecca because she’s being selfish and a bad friend to Paula.
  • You hear the words “West Covina.”
  • Rebecca gives you second-hand embarrassment.

  • Daryl and White Josh define #RelationshipGoals.
  • White Josh takes his shirt off.
  • Valencia acts basic and you love her for it.
  • Someone makes a cheesy beach joke.
  • Rebecca and/or Paula stalk someone. Two sips if they get caught and make up a lame excuse. Three sips if that lame excuse is bought by the stalkee.
  • Heather keeps it real by saying exactly what you’re thinking.
  • You want to punch Nathaniel in the face. Two sips if you then also want to make out with him.
  • Rebecca makes a feminist reference/joke.


Take a shot if:

  • Rebecca and Nathaniel hook up.
  • Greg ever shows back up. (R.I.P.)
  • Rebecca and Paula sing together again and it’s literally the best thing ever.
  • The Girl Squad ever makes a comeback.
  • Mrs. Hernandez talks.
  • Rebecca brings out her annoying baby talk voice.


Finish your drink when:

  • Rebecca finally gets over Josh (and under Nathaniel).
  • Rebecca’s history with mental illness takes the show to a new, deep place.
  • A song is relatable AF (throwback to “Heavy Boobs”).
  • A song is just absolutely ridiculous but you still f*cking love it.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 3 premieres October 13 on The CW, 8/7c.


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Featured image via The CW

Last modified on November 18th, 2019

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