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‘iZombie’ Drinking Game: Blood, Brains, and Booze

Liv on izombie on a red background of brains
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I only recently started watching this show. I’ll admit — I was skeptical at first. I mean…a functioning zombie who eats dead people’s brains and helps solve their murders? Sounds like a stretch. But somehow the writing, the depth of the characters, and the unexpected humor make it work — as long as you don’t watch it while you’re eating dinner.

Fortunately, there is no food required to play this iZombie drinking game.

Take a sip when…

  • Liv has an inner monologue. Take two when she’s hilariously sarcastic.
  • Ravi and Liv are #BFFgoals.
  • Anyone says the words: “utopium,” “Max Rager,” “zombie,” or “brain.”
  • Liv’s outfit choice vaguely resembles your grandma’s wardrobe.
  • Liv picks up a personality trait from the brain she is “on” (past examples include: vigilante crime fighter, ditzy high school girl, cold-blooded hit man, country western singer, and schizophrenic mental patient).
  • Anyone eats brains. Take two when Liv prepares her brains in a particularly creative way. Take three when it involves hot sauce.

Take a shot when…

  • You realize you’re rocking out to the opening theme song (because come on, how could you not?).
  • Clive gets real confused about Liv’s new personality flavor of the week.
  • Liv has a flashback.
  • Blaine delivers such a clever one-liner that you almost forget he’s a sociopath. Almost. (RIP Lowell. #neverforget)
  • We meet yet another zombie. Take two if it’s somebody completely unexpected.
  • Clive does something that may or may not be technically legal (hint: sucker punching and threatening an abusive dad).
  • Someone dies. Take two if it’s Liv “reliving” their death.
  • Gilda/Rita (Liv’s new redheaded roomie/Major’s weird fling/spy for Max Rager) says/does something batshit crazy.
  • Liv is a total badass.

Finish your drink when…

  • Liv goes into “full-on zombie mode.”
  • Major checks another zombie off The List.
  • Something is revealed (usually in the last five seconds) that makes your head explode just a little bit.
  • They solve the case. (Drinking) Game over.
Featured image via iZombie

Last modified on August 16th, 2017

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