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TGIT Drinking Game: Cheers, Shonda

The TGIT ladies
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Shondaland’s finest are finally back, and you’ll definitely need a drink in your hand to survive the emotional rollercoaster that is TGIT. Whether you’re shooting tequila with your girl Meredith, drinking a huge glass of red wine Olivia Pope-style, or sipping on your finest whiskey/scotch/vodka like Annalise — we’ve got you covered. Just sit back, relax, and drink away the pain.

Grey’s Anatomy

Take a drink every time:

  • Two doctors hook up in an on-call room.
  • A conversation takes place in the bathroom.
  • There’s a shot of the Space Needle.
  • Someone screws up during surgery. Take two if the patient dies.
  • Someone takes a 10-second dance break.
  • You’re reminded how much better this show was with the OG crew (Still holding out hope that Izzy and Cristina will come back someday, maybe…but RIP George, Mark, Lexie, and our beloved McDreamy).
  • Meredith drinks tequila.



How to Get Away with Murder

Take a drink every time:

  • Someone does something illegal and/or unethical to win a case.
  • Annalise Keating is a badass. Take two if her badassery involves putting someone in their damn place.
  • There’s a flash forward or backward in time.
  • You start to feel legitimately creeped out.
  • A scene is shot in a classroom or courtroom.
  • Annalise drinks.




(Save this one for the Scandal premiere in 2017!)

Take a drink every time:

  • You’re unsure if Cyrus is a good guy or a bad guy.
  • Olivia/Fitz/Jake talk about Vermont or “standing in the sun.”
  • Someone says the words “white hat,” “free world,” “gladiators,” or “hi” (looking at you, Fitz and Liv).
  • Olivia’s lip quivers. Take two if yours does too.
  • A scene is shot through a window or a glass pane.
  • Olivia handles a situation like a total #GIRLBOSS.
  • Olivia downs a glass of red wine.



TGIT Bonus: Down your drink when…

  • Someone lies.
  • Someone dies.
  • The ending of an episode makes you want to break something.
  • You feel personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes.
  • One — or all — of the shows make you cry (it’s bound to happen at some point). #ThanksShonda


Featured image via GreysAnatomy

Last modified on August 16th, 2017

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