‘The Bachelorette’ Drinking Game: Ready to Find Love (and Rosé)

The Bachelorette Drinking Game: Ready to Find Love (and Rose)

ABC has finally done it. With the new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, two of our wishes have been granted: Brains and diversity are now taking center stage, and we are here for it. So raise a glass (or a bottle) for our new Bachelorette. May she find love in the most likely of places: On a reality show, with 25 ridiculously bland suitors, and some fierce sequined dresses. (Or not, we’re really just here for Rachel.) Cheers to true love!


Take a sip every time:

  • Rachel kisses someone.
  • Rachel says “I can see my future husband in this room.”
  • A contestant accuses someone of not “being here for the right reasons.”
  • A contestant snitches on another contestant.
  • Someone says they’re “ready to find love,” or they “feel a connection.”
  • Rachel takes a contestant on a date by helicopter or something equally ridiculous.
  • Chris Harrison gives lame advice and you want to vom/punch him in the face.


Take a shot if:

  • Someone makes an insensitive joke or comment about race. (We’re looking at you, Mr. “Once you go black you don’t go back.”)
  • A bromance evolves.
  • A previous contestant comes back (two shots if all the guys are pissed and won’t shutup about it).
  • A celebrity makes an appearance.
  • A rose gets taken away.

Finish your drink when:

  • Someone mentions Nick.
  • Someone drinks way too much.
  • Someone tries to have a private conversation away from the camera (hello, subtitles).
  • Someone uses the “L” word.
  • Someone cries.
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