Bachelor in Paradise Drinking Game: Boozing, Backstabbing, and Blubbering

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Drinking Game

The investigation is closed and it’s official: Bachelor in Paradise is officially returning for season 4! So grab some tequila and cheers to everyone’s favorite shitshow coming back (with new safety measures for the contestants in place, of course).



Take a Sip Every Time…

  • Something is blurred out.
  • Someone drinks a little (way) too much. (Here’s to hoping maybe this won’t happen as much this season?)
  • You predict a hookup.
  • You can literally feel the brain cells disappearing from your head.


Take a Shot If/When…

  • The twins and our favorite Canadian come back.
  • You have no idea who someone is or what season they came from.
  • Your fav gets sent home.
  • Someone gets bitten by a crab.
  • Alexis dons her shark costume.

Finish Your Drink When…

  • The shit hits the fan between Corrine and DeMario.
  • Two people are accused of “talking” before the show.
  • You see the bling and the bended knee. Someone’s got a 50/50 chance of living happily ever after.

Bonus: Drink when Carly and Evan get married. Cheers to the happy/weird/awesome couple!

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