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Golden Globes Drinking Game: Glitz, Glam, Guzzle

golden globe drinking game
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Awards season is upon us once again! The biggest stars of stage and screen are getting dressed up and celebrating the past year of the entertainment world. While some of the winners and losers may come as a surprise, there are a few aspects of the Golden Globes that are practically guaranteed.

That being said, not all of your friends are keen on the idea of spending a Sunday night watching entertainers pat themselves on the back. So, I offer up this Golden Globes drinking game as a way to make the ceremony more enjoyable (especially without Tina and Amy). The 73rd Golden Globe Awards will air on NBC January 10th at 8/7c, so get your glasses ready!

Take a sip every time:

  • The camera cuts to a celebrity who’s clearly not paying attention.
  • Someone begins their acceptance speech with a fake disclaimer that they didn’t prepare one.
  • You pretend you saw the critically-acclaimed movie/show that just won an award.
  • Someone wins an award that should have gone to Scandal.
  • A winner thanks Harvey Weinstein.
  • An acceptance speech is cut short by the orchestra.
  • A winner looks fake-shocked when their name is called.
  • Someone makes an ill-timed joke about a recent tragedy.
  • You miss Tina and Amy. So, so much.

Take a shot if/when:

  • One of your friends lets on that she obviously thinks you’re watching the Oscars.
  • You decide that may it’s time to cave and finally check out Mr. Robot.
  • Jennifer Lawrence does something GIF-worthy on the red carpet.

Finish your drink when…

  • Ricky Gervais makes a comment you know the Internet will complain about the next morning.
  • Someone suffers a wardrobe malfunction.
  • A winner gives a cry so fake that you wonder how they ever won an award for acting (looking at you, Lady Gaga).
  • The camera gives us a shot of a disappointed-looking Leonardo DiCaprio.

Featured image via GoldenGlobes

Last modified on November 9th, 2016

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