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The Oscars Drinking Game: Lights, Camera, Shots!

oscars drinking game
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This is it. The moment in February we wait all year for. (No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl.)

Viewers in more than 225 countries will tune in for the 88th Academy Awards ceremony, which will air on ABC on February 28th. While we might not be able to predict all of the winners, there are several things you can expect from the show. You could boycott the Oscars this year to show solidarity, but isn’t it more fun to get together with your friends and watch your favorite stars pretend to like each other for a night? Here’s a little drinking game to make the experience even more interesting.

Take a sip every time:

  • A presenter mispronounces someone’s name.
  • The ceremony does something to distance itself from the racism accusations.
  • Someone takes the stage in character.
  • A winner makes the old “wow, this is heavy” joke.

  • Someone makes a joke about how Fifty Shades of Grey is now an Academy Award-nominated film.
  • A winner uses his/her acceptance speech to plug a cause.
  • There’s an #OscarsSoWhite joke.
  • A nominee is clearly disappointed that he/she didn’t win the award.

Take a shot if/when:

  • You tear up when Alan Rickman’s picture comes up in the “In Memoriam” portion of the show (IT’S TOO SOON).
  • Someone makes a tasteless joke about Spotlight’s subject matter.
  • Jennifer Lawrence trips at any point during the night (red carpet included).

  • You let out an audible “aww” when Jacob Tremblay is presenting.
  • A winner tells his/her kids to go to bed.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY wins!

 Finish your drink when…

  • Chris Rock mentions Jada Pinkett-Smith in his opening monologue.
  • You catch The Weeknd lip syncing.
  • Tina Fey steals the show.
  • A movie you’ve actually seen wins.

Featured image via TheAcademy

Last modified on November 9th, 2016

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