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The 7 Best Things About Being Single

The 7 Best Things About Being Single
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Singlehood tends to have a negative connotation. People always want to give you the concerned head tilt and reassure you there are plenty of fish in the sea. To be honest though, that’s total crap. There’s nothing wrong with being single and refusing to settle.

In fact, being single is amazing. Whether you’re only single for the a year between serious relationships or for the majority of your adult life, it’s a great thing. All you have to do is banish the feelings of inferiority that society places on you and embrace the freedom.

Don’t believe me? Here are the best things about being single (but the list really doesn’t end here; the limit does not exist).

1. You Can Eat Whatever You Want

No need to ask someone else what they want to eat or tweak your preferred cooking style to fit their weird-AF aversion to garlic salt. You don’t have to eat at restaurants you don’t like or pass on your favorite dine-in spots simply because someone else doesn’t like them.

Bonus: You can eat as much as you want without worrying they won’t have as much food. Guess what? Eating a bowl of spaghetti larger than your face (without any judgment) is the true meaning of happiness.

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Last modified on February 26th, 2018

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