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13 Must-Have Products for People Who Love to Stay In

products for people who love to stay in
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Disclosure: The following product(s) may have been sent to Earn Spend Live in exchange for a review. All opinions are the author’s own.

Maybe you like to stay in because clubs and bars are too loud and full of idiots. Or maybe you just really like the feeling of being a blanket sushi roll. No matter why you like the couch better than the outside world, here are some things that will take your night (or day — hey, we’re not judging) in to the next level of comfort and social avoidance.

1. A Book Subscription Box

BOTM’s 5 Best Books of 2016

Getting new books to read in the mail every month? Heck yeah! The walk to the mailbox is way shorter than the drive to the library, plus you don’t even have to talk to anyone. Book of the Month is a subscription box that is perfect for the introverted reader who finds their happy place in their own home.

2. A Throw Blanket (Duh)

Let’s Cuddle Throw Blanket Deny Designs

Because who doesn’t use a blanket when they’re sitting at home? This one is not only super comfy and cozy, but its print makes it a nice aesthetic improvement to any anti-social home.

3. A Cozy Tapestry

14 Must-Have Products for People Who Love to Stay In

Indian Mandala Flower Tapestry | Pink Mandala Tapestry

What is cozier than a hanging tapestry? Uh, nothing! You can go with the “Boho” look and add a mandala tapestry on the wall, or you could go with a motivational saying that’ll remind you to stay strong no matter what’s going on.

4. A Cute Battery Pack (to Avoid Being Tethered to a 6-ft Cord)


iHome External Battery Pack for Smartphones

It’s tough when your phone charger isn’t long enough to reach your favorite spot on the couch. Good thing they make portable chargers that can follow you from the couch, to the fridge, to the bed without having to invest in a 200-foot extension cord.

5. A Bar Book

The Ultimate Bar Book

Not into shots? That’s ok! Make some tasty mixed drinks in your own home. With this book, you’ll be making better drinks than that bartender that everyone’s always wanting you to meet. Ha! Joke’s on them; the real party is at your house, and no one’s invited!

6. Hand and Foot Warmers

13 Must-Have Products for People Who Love to Stay In
SMOKO Wearable Fingerless USB Powered Toast Hand Warmers | SMOKO Heated Foot Warmers

No one wants to wear real shoes while they’re sitting on the couch, but no one wants cold feet while they’re chillin’ at home either. Likewise, cold hands are hard to avoid if you’re using them while typing, knitting, gaming, etc. Solution: keep your extremities super warm yet comfortable with some adorable USB-powered hand and foot warmers.

7. A Streaming Device (to Make Binge-Watching Even Easier)

 All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

Tired of having to use your phone or laptop for YouTube and Netflix? Don’t want to buy something expensive like Apple TV to cast on? Good news. There are way cheaper options that cast Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and more to your TV by Bluetooth or WiFi.

Amazon Fire and Roku just use WiFi to cast, while Chromecast plays your favorite apps to your TV from your phone. Plus, your phone is still fully functional while it’s casting. Ahh, welcome to paradise.

8. Coloring Books (for Grown-Ups)

Adult Coloring Book Designs

Staying at home tends to bring out the crafty in so many of us. Solution: revert to our childhood arts — aka coloring books. But there’s a twist! This coloring book isn’t thick-lined simple animal shapes; it’s filled with intricate designs that will keep you coloring (and de-stressed) to your heart’s content.

9. A Comfy Bed Seat

Must-Have Products for People Who Love to Stay In

Carepeutic Bed Lounger with Heated Comfort Massager

Got a thing for staying in bed for hours on end? Girl, me too. With this handy bed-seat, you can stay in bed without getting a backache as long as you want! It has plenty of lumbar support, and a place to put your book or whatever you need.

10. Wireless thingCHARGER

P3 International Wireless thingCHARGER

Ever want to sit around the house in one spot, but there aren’t enough outlets near you for your phone, laptop, other laptop, heated blanket, Keurig, and all the other electric necessities you love? We’ve found the fix. The thingCHARGER has all the outlets you’d ever need, so you can hermit out in your spot longer than your battery usually lasts! Yay for sedentary lifestyles!

11. Bathtub Tray Caddy

Royal Casa Bamboo Shower Bath Tub Organizer with Stainless Steel Book

Is a day or night at home really complete without a nice, soaking bath? But isn’t it annoying how you can’t have a book, a towel, your phone, and some wine without something getting wet? Check out this bathtub caddy that holds all those things and whatever else you want right at your reach so that your bath experience is nothing less than what a Queen Bee like you deserves.

12. Tabletop Bonfire

Sunnydaze Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace

Again, if you’re the hermit who wishes you were outdoorsy, this product is right up your alley. A bonfire that doesn’t involve driving to the country, seeing people, dancing, or singing. Just you and the flames and your cozy, private home. This tabletop bonfire gives you all the great parts of bonfires without any of the bad.

13. A Meal Delivery Subscription Box

HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service

If you love to stay in, then it’s pretty fair to assume that you hate the grocery store and going out to eat. So, why not have your meals delivered to you with a service like HelloFresh or Freshly? What’s better than fresh, delicious ingredients with easy recipes at your doorstep? A bottomless fridge that keeps refilling, of course. But since those don’t exist yet, meal delivery services are as good as it’s going to get.

Last modified on October 26th, 2018

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