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The Secret Life of Singles on Valentine’s Day: 6 Things We Actually Do

Blair Waldorf eating macaroons
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Let’s get one thing straight: Single women aren’t depressed on Valentine’s Day. I’m 24 years old, have never had a valentine, and honestly couldn’t care less. Valentine’s Day is just another day of the week for me to spend with my friends and family, work on my passions and hobbies, and enjoy my life in general. It’s not a day I sit around crying into a gallon of ice cream. I mean, I might eat some ice cream, but that’s just because I really love ice cream.

Single women are more likely to spend the day doing something that makes them happy than they are to feel down on themselves or rage at the universe for making them single. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t lock ourselves away to pout for 24 hours. Instead, we:

1. Go Out (or Stay In) With the Girls

The relationships we have with family and friends are way more important than dating someone simply for the sake of dating someone. Single women are going to fill their day with all of the people they love in their lives.

My best friends and I always spend Valentine’s Day together, even if one of them is in a relationship. Sometimes we go out for girls’ night shots, once we went the horse races with all of our friends, and have even stayed in for a night with Mamma Mia, wine, and buffalo chicken dip. Guess what? Not one of us has ever felt like we were missing out on something.

2. Give to the People We Love

Aside from spending the “day of love” with my friends, I like to do small little cards and gifts for my friends and family too. I use this day as an opportunity to let my parents, brothers, and nieces know how much they mean to me. For my nieces, I always include small gifts, like coloring books and candy. I give my roommates their favorite treats (Reese’s and chocolate covered strawberries). There’s so much more happiness and satisfaction in doing these small gestures for the important people in my life than in receiving a gift from a boy.

3. Werk

Like I said earlier, Valentine’s Day is just another day. There are still bills to pay, dishes to clean, and work to be present for. So no, we don’t lock ourselves away just because there are chocolates, flowers, and garish pink balloons all over the place on February 14th. Single women are perfectly capable of getting over the horror of not being sent flowers.

4. Treat Ourselves

Single women aren’t going to wait around for some mythical prince to show up with chocolates on Valentine’s Day. We are going to wait until February 15th and get all the chocolates left at a major discount, though. So who’s the real winner here?

5. Do What We Want

We don’t have to get dressed up for a fancy dinner or worry about finding the perfect dress. Single women spend the evening however they want. For some it’s a night in watching horror flicks, and for others it’s game night with their friends. Either way, it’s way more fun than dinner at a restaurant full of cheesy proposals via engagement ring champagne flutes.

6. Enjoy the Day With Zero Expectations

I’m not saying that men suck at romance or anything, but there’s always this expectation attached to Valentine’s Day. Single women don’t have any expectations for this picture-perfect, movie-worthy romantic day. Without expectations, we’re allowed to appreciate the day for all of the wonderful promise it holds and make sure the day suits us just fine.

Bottom line: It’s awesome to be single on Valentine’s Day. You can eat all the chocolate you want without worrying your significant other will judge your food baby. This is what pure bliss looks like.

Featured image via Blair-Waldorf-Queen-B

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Last modified on February 15th, 2018

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