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10 Women on the Fall Splurge They Just Can’t Resist

10 Women on the Fall Splurge They Just Can't Resist
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Fall is finally, FINALLY here, and along with the color-changing leaves and crisp fall air, there’s the vanilla-scented candles, pumpkin spice everything, and the FASHION—chunky cardigans, oversized sweaters, suede booties, the works. It’s truly the most wonderful time of year, and I tend to rack up the credit card debt to be able to afford my favorite fall things (sorry not sorry; I promise I’m super responsible with money the rest of the year).

But my number one fall splurge? Booties, booties, and more booties—specifically suede booties. I just can’t resist. My favorite pair of Gianni Bini suede booties cost me $90 at Dillard’s. I also have at least four different pairs of just black booties (that’s not counting my gray or tan-colored booties) that cost anywhere from $40-$60 each between last fall and this fall. (Yes, my credit card debt is pretty steep right now.)

I know I can’t be the only one spending a pretty penny in the name of fall—here’s what our contributors are splurging on. (And if you’re interested in becoming an ESL contributor, hit me up at

“I have an unnatural attraction to oversized sweaters when the weather turns cool.  I never wear them outside of the house because they’re not exactly the most flattering shape on me, but I buy them in bulk, no matter the price.  Every year without fail.”—Mary Kate

“I’m obsessed with cardigans. They’re a staple in my wardrobe. I’m the type of person who wears cardigans all year round (lighter fabrics in the spring and summer, obvi) but I can’t resist buying cute cardigans in the fall. The chunkier and cozier it is, the better. Bonus if it has pockets. I love pairing a cardigan with a nice top and a skirt for a more dressed down look. I typically don’t spend much on cardigans (most cost me $15-$25), but I have so many that they add up.”—Jasmine

“Cooler temps and fewer bugs mean camping! Last year’s purchase was a new pair of hiking boots, and I managed to pick up this sleeping bag earlier this year for a fraction of the price! So this month’s fall splurge is a lightweight, but terribly comfortable sleeping pad. This girl needs maxed-out comfort to get any beauty zzz’s, and that’s always a little more difficult on the campsite. I had a chance to try out this one on a recent excursion and will probably invest in the same one.”—Hannah

“Candles, scarves, sweaters, and just literally everything cozy!”—Christine

“The second it even looks like fall is coming, I start getting Starbucks’ Hot Chocolate whenever I get the chance. It doesn’t matter if it’s 90 degrees outside, once I decide it’s fall I crave hot drinks. Even though a tall is only about $2.50, that adds up quick when you’re getting one multiple times a week for several months. And I tend not to stop drinking them until summer is in full swing.

I’m also obsessed with boots, but I try not to get any new ones until after Christmas. Getting new boots on sale or with Christmas money is the best—though I have been known to splurge before the holidays if I see a pair that’s just calling to me. Which is most of them. Hey, boots go with everything.”—Taylor

“Booties! And then a really good quality, neutral, staple jacket.”—Amanda

“Leggings and tights are my fall splurge. I’m a freeze-baby who loves dresses and skirts. Legwear in different colors and textures spice up an outfit so I can wear it across seasons. They can run from $10-$80 a pair depending on the brand, structure, and weight. If I’m lucky, I get three years out of them, and I usually buy 5+ pairs a season. Sure, I buy fleece-lined ones for warmth and all that, but they need to be topped with a floral print or a color that pops with the underlayer. I can’t resist the slight idiosyncrasy it brings to an otherwise professional ensemble.”—Carson

“I can’t resist cozy things in the fall! A small splurge I can’t resist is buying different types of hot tea or hot chocolate. It’s only $5-$10, but it makes everything really feel like fall. I honestly buy more than I can ever drink by myself – I still have some drinks stashed from last fall, but that doesn’t stop me from picking up a new blend.”—Meleah

“Candles and flavoured tea!”—Nicole Baio

“Over-the-knee boots are 1000% my fall splurge. Even though it’s always too hot here to wear them until at least November, I still end up with at least one new pair each season. Last year I bought two pairs. The most expensive pair, and my favorite by far, cost me $400. I didn’t eat much or buy anything else for about a month, but they were so worth it. I still get compliments on them every time I wear them.”—Terra

Last modified on January 10th, 2018

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