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Broad City Drinking Game: Unleash Your Inner Val

Broad City Drinking Game
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Our favorite NYC duo is back for another season of shenanigans, absurd subway rides, and tripping skipping through the streets of Brooklyn. Plus, this is the year we FINALLY get to see how Abbi and Ilana met and became friends. It’s been an extra-long wait (previous seasons premiered in Jan/Feb), but that just gives you more time to get caught up — and to play our Broad City drinking game.


Take a Sip Every Time:

  • Ilana makes sexual advances toward Abbi.
  • Bevers makes you want to take a shower.
  • Trump’s name is bleeped.
  • Ilana fails at her job.
  • “YAS” or “KWEEN” is said.

  • Ilana mentions something you don’t want to do sexually.
  • Abbi is asked to clean something at Soulstice.
  • Ilana is woke about any issue.
  • Abbi and Ilana FaceTime each other.
  • Abbi is you when talking to boys.


Take a Shot if/When:

  • You are Ilana when picking up guys.
  • Trey says “Bazinga.”
  • Bed Bath & Beyond is mentioned.
  • Lincoln makes a rational grown-up decision or statement.
  • Bingo Bronson appears.


Finish Your Drink When:

  • You think Trey is actually about to be sweet…but then he’s a douche again.
  • A musical number happens.
  • Ilana mentions Rihanna.
  • Kirk Steele is brought up.
  • Val appears.


Broad City season 4 premieres September 13 on Comedy Central, 10:30/9:30c.

Featured image via Vulture

Last modified on January 10th, 2018

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