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The 10 Best Planners For 2024: Our Top Picks

Best Planners 2024
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.
(Image via Unsplash)

It’s that time again—planner season! With the year coming to an end, planner enthusiasts are buzzing about what planner they’ll be going with this year. Which ones they liked, which ones they loved, and which ones they are looking forward to trying is all anyone can talk about in Plannerland.

As a girl who loves a good planner herself, I scoured the internet reading articles, forums, threads, posts, comments—you name it! Trying to decide which planners are the best of the best for this coming year.

It’s been a tedious process, but I’ve finally made my choices. The internet has spoken, and I’m bringing you the word. Included are some of our recurring favorites and a few newcomers. Here are the 10 best planners on the market for 2024.

Erin Condren

All-In-One Planner Pick

Erin Condren A5 Daily LifePlanner Ring Agenda

A5 Daily LifePlanner Ring Agenda

We’re starting off strong with an Erin Condren pick—but can you blame us? Erin Condren just does everything right and we love the comprehensiveness. While we typically highlight the Erin Condren LifePlanner, the A5 Daily LifePlanner Ring Agenda brings organization and structure to a whole other level. The faux leather planner offers a variety of ring agenda covers and interior designs, allowing you to customize a planner as unique as your needs are.

The A5 Daily LifePlanner Ring Agenda features note pages and inspirational quotes throughout, functional planner stickers, productivity pages, a customizable goal-setting section, and so much more. Need extra storage? How about seven interior pockets and slots. Whatever your needs, Erin Condren will keep you on track. Starting at $89.50, it’s on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for out of this all-in-one planner. Buy it at Erin Condren or on Amazon for $36.80.

Blue Sky

Tried & True Pick

Blue Sky Academic Planner

Academic Planner

Let’s look at something that’s simpler and more straightforward for 2024—the Blue Sky Academic Planner. Sometimes, the busyness of life necessitates simplicity to balance things out. This planner has an uncomplicated monthly layout with daily to-dos, monthly calendars, and a page for important dates throughout the year.

The Blue Sky Academic Planner comes in a variety of covers, from basic solids to fun florals. Starting as low as $14.99 on Amazon, this planner is budget-friendly and kind of a steal! If you want something simple and to-the-point, the Blue Sky Academic Planner is the planner for you.

Day Designer

Daily Pick

Day Designer Daily Planner

Daily Planner

Another obvious favorite of ours is from none other than Day Designer. Their Daily Planner is an organizational dream. With hourly scheduling from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., goal-setting worksheets, to-do, dinner, gratitude, top 3 to-do prompts, and notes pages, there’s not much this planner doesn’t offer.

It comes in a classic size (9” x 9.75” x 1.5″) and mini (6.625” x 8.3” x 1.5″), catering to those who prefer a larger visual spread or a more compact, travel-friendly version. There are 14 cover designs to choose from, meaning you have 14 chances of finding your new 2024 BFF. You can buy from Day Designer for $68, or hop on over to Amazon. 

Sugar Paper Essentials

Team Lead Pick

Sugar Paper Essentials Academic Planner

Academic Planner

A newcomer to our top picks is Sugar Paper’s academic year planner. We picked this for our team leads who need help managing a crew. The great thing about this planner is its multi-column layout that allows for to-do lists, goals, notes, and other job-specific organization.

The planner also includes sections for category goals like financial, personal, work, and health goals. A storage pocket, sticker sheet, and coiled binding make Sugar Paper’s academic year planner not only a simplistic, organized dream, but a lightweight, stylish choice. It’s also hard to beat the price, at $20.99 at Target.


Personalization Pick

Papier Wonder Undated Daily Planner

Wonder Undated Daily Planner

If your 2024 goal is to customize, the Wonder undated daily planner is a great pick. As the name mentions, it’s an undated, 16-week planner allowing you to start your goals, dreams, life whichever day you so please.  It’s perfect for habit tracking, monitoring wellness, and prioritizing daily tasks.

Some of the special pages include goal planning, weekly overview, daily planning, and goal review. Of course, my favorite might be the mind map page—this mess needs some mapping. With plenty of notes pages, this planner is the planner of choice for someone looking for simple, yet comprehensive. Choose from six color options and other personalizations at Papier starting at $28.

Emily Ley

Chic & Efficient Pick

Emily Ley The Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is a win for moms everywhere who want to have their ish together and look cute while doing it. Life is hectic, but this planner handles it all with grace and efficiency. As its name suggests, it’s a “simplified” planner, but that doesn’t mean it skimps out.

Included are weekly and monthly calendar view, a section for a daily to-do list, notes, and meals, and an hourly schedule from 6 AM to 9 PM. It also has four pages of Simplified prep work, monthly simplicity tips, and fun, colorful stickers. With sturdy wire binding and double sided pockets, this planner is built for taking on anything thrown its way. Buy it from Amazon for $26 or at Emily Ley for $64.

Laurel Denise

Small But Fierce Pick

Laurel Denise Mini Horizontal Weekly Planner

Mini Horizontal Weekly Planner

If you prefer a smaller planner option, there are lots of minis out there, but Laurel Denise really packs a punch. As mentioned on their site, “Small enough to slip in and out of your purse, mighty enough to hold all of your plans.” A cool thing about this planner is it has the option for a Sunday start or Monday start, depending on your preference.

There are tabbed monthly pages, monthly bullet dots note-taking space, a yearly reflection page, and a “Happy Thoughts” page. Not only that, but it comes with plenty of free space in the form of four blank graph paper pages, four blank fine bullet paper pages, and more. Hard to believe so much is packed into such a small planner! Get it now at Laurel Denise for $49.

Passion Planner

Free Pick

Passion Planner

Passion Planner

If you’re like most of us and on a budget for 2024, you might be interested in knowing that this planner—it’s free. Yes, you’re reading that right. Passion Planner offers a leather-bound version for purchase at only $38.24, but they also provide a free download of the planner for you to print at your own cost and convenience The only requirement is you have to tweet the link to Passion Planner.

If you can handle that, it’s yours! With a Sunday or Monday week start, shaded monthly tabs, 20 blank pages, 20 dotted pages, a fabric back pocket, and five sticker sheets (161 Stickers), this planner is a beautiful choice for organizing your life. I mean, just look at that cover! And it comes in five other colors and designs. So buy now, or download for free!

Sterling Ink

Build-Your-Own Pick

Sterling Ink A5 Common Planner

A5 Common Planner

Sterling Ink is the epitome of sophistication and the A5 Common Planner is no exception. The planner measures 148 x 210mm x 19mm, has a soft cover that comes in five color options, and it opens completely flat—love that. It features a Monday start and has gilded edge or white edge options available.

With a total of 520 pages, this decadent planner includes a year calendar, two blank page spreads, two goal breakdown spreads, eight quarterly pages, a vertical weekly view, a 12-hour time frame from 6 am to midnight, and daily pages: blank grid pages with page numbers. It has a lot to offer and leaves so much room for free organizing. Get it for $58 at Sterling Ink.

Hobonichi Techo

Unique Pick

Hobonichi Techo HON / A5 Size / Daily

HON / A5 Size / Daily

If you feel like stepping outside of the box a little, step into the world of Hobonichi Techo. Designed to make you feel like you’re carrying around a favorite book, the planner has A5 size pages with plenty of space to write and features a page per day. It also has weekly pages that track a week in each two-page spread for easy planning. There’s also a handy time schedule.

The bookbinding opens to lay completely flat. The back of the book has informational pages, including An Interview with Myself, Seasonal Sweets to Make at Home, and Caring for Your Eyes. Like I said, unique! The Hobonichi Techo HON comes in either Japanese or English and has a large variety of cover options—I love this cat option! Buy now on Amazon for $80.

Last modified on December 11th, 2023

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