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4 Best Meal Planners for Tracking and Planning

4 Best Meal Planners for Tracking and Planning
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Food is life. We all love it, and we want to make sure we’re consistently eating delicious and nutritious meals. When you’re bustling around from work to your side hustle, from your side hustle to the gym, from the gym to home, planning those healthy meals isn’t always easy. Like everything else in life, preparation is key to success. If you’re going to guarantee meal success, you need to plan in advance—which is where meal planners come in handy.

It takes a little bit of time to sit down and map it all out, but with a good meal planner, you can breeze through it with ease. Having a meal planner means you can quickly figure out your grocery list each week, and if you’re eating to meet a health goal, then it’s easier for you to stick to the plan. Here are the best meal planners you can buy for meal tracking and/or meal planning, whether you simply want to save money by eating out less, waste less food each week, create some organization, or meet a health goal.

inkWELL Press eatWELL Meal Planner

Best Meal Planners

inkWELL Press eatWELL Meal Planner insert, $13

Got a family to feed? This meal planner insert from inkWELL Press is a great tool for you. The weekly layout is focused on planning what to have for dinner each night and has space to write down breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas. The eatWELL Meal Planner also has tools to assist you with portions, quick recipe ideas, grocery lists, quantity conversions, and holidays.

Read our full review of the inkWELL Press eatWELL Meal Planner here!

PurpleTrail Meal Planner

Best Meal Planners

PurpleTrail Meal Planner, $36.95 and up

This meal planner from PurpleTrail is a great tool if you want to write down your individual meals each day, especially if you’re following a specific diet or meal plan. Each day has a box for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with enough room to write down your meals in as much or as little detail as you want. There’s also a “to-do” box where you can write down what cooking or prepping you need to do every day. Each week has a grocery list column as well so you can see what you plan to eat that week, and what groceries you need for them. Unlike many meal planners, PurpleTrail’s Meal Planner is completely customizable, so you can make it fit all of your needs.

Read our full review of the PurpleTrail Meal Planner here!

We’re sorry to announce that PurpleTrail has officially closed their doors!

Bloom Daily Planner Meal Planning Pad

Best Meal Planners

Bloom Daily Planners Weekly Meal Planning Pad, $9.95* on Amazon

If you want something less demanding that can sit in your kitchen for quick reference, then the Meal Planning Pad from Bloom Daily Planners is perfect for you. Each day has a box for you to write down what you’re cooking and eating that day, and there’s a long grocery list to help you stay organized with those meals. The pages can be placed on the fridge for easy use and torn off at the end of each week.

Weekly Meal Planner by Meal Planner

Best Meal Planners

Weekly Meal Planner, $10.95* on Amazon

This two-page weekly meal planning spread is great if you want room to write. The left side is where you can write down dinner plans for each day, and on the right, there’s space for your grocery list and breakfast and lunch ideas. It’s a small notebook that’s easy to place in your bag as you shop and has 52 undated weeks, so it can get you through an entire year easily. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable.

*Price as of 8/29/23

Last modified on August 29th, 2023

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