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3 Affordable Planners for the Girl on a Budget

3 Affordable Planners for the Girl Boss on a Budget
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The term “girl boss” served its purpose, but we would prefer to now be called by what we are: bosses. We declare the term dead, and we will be striking it out everywhere it’s used on our site. #EndGirlBoss

You don’t need to be rolling in the dough in order to be a Girl Boss, but you do need a planner. Instead of trying to purchase a planner that’s out of your budget, consider one of these incredibly affordable planners. They might not have the hefty price tag of other planners, but they do have equally functional layouts and features to help you tackle the days like a gladiator.

For the Busy Bee With a Teeny-tiny Budget

This Moleskine weekly planner will only cost you about $15 (plus tax), but it’ll provide you with more than enough space for note taking in return. Its portable size makes it ideal for the woman on-on-the-go all day long. It won’t completely take up all the available space in your purse or leave you with a knotted up shoulder after carrying it around for hours.

The cover is durable and will protect the inner pages for being scratched or bent as you go about your day, and the elastic band will keep everything secured tightly. There’s a simple monthly calendar each month, and the weeks are in a horizontal, lined layout. This may seem like it’s a basic planner, but when you’re super busy and just need to write down the necessities this is what you need.

Moleskine is known for making high quality products, so the price is actually amazing. You won’t get half way through the year to find your planner is falling apart at the seams. There’s also a ribbon bookmark to hold your place, and a folder at the back to store receipts, business cards, and whatever else you have. There’s no decoration inside the planner, so the space is ideal for using color-coded pens and scheduling your to-dos in between your appointments.

For the Creative Professional’s 17 Month Classic Agenda: A Funky-Fresh Spin on Planning’s 12-Month Planner is durable, easy to write in, and only costs around $20-$25. The quality of the binding and materials makes this a steal compared to the price. is known for creating punchy planners with flair, and this planner is a perfect example. If you’re a working woman who feeds off of color and spunk, then you need this planner to break up the monotony of emails.

There’s nothing trendy about the layout of this planner. It’s traditional and horizontal, but the fun sayings and doodles make it truly special. The monthly calendar has plenty of space for writing down any appointments, tests, or any other reminder you want. The notes column is a little slim and short, but the monthly calendar has plenty of room to make up for that.

The planner comes with a folder at the back, an elastic band closure, two funky sticker sheets, monthly tabs, and plenty of notes pages at the back. You can use these pages throughout the year without worrying you’ll run out of pages by March. If you purchase this planner, rest assured you can take as many notes as your heart desires.

For the Budget-loving Fashionista

When it comes to affordable, stylish, functional planners, Sugar Paper has delivered with the Kraft Monthly/Weekly Planner. It comes with all the features you need: an elastic band closure, monthly tabs, spacious monthly calendars, and oodles of space to write down appointments and reminders each week. The color scheme of this planner is light and airy. The white and tan is easy on the eyes, and the layout is clean. Overall, it’s a pretty planner.

There’s oodles of space in the monthly calendar for you to write down all of your important plans in the available space for each day. There’s a column included of course for your monthly tasks.

While the monthly layout is common, the weekly layout is unique. In the two-page spread you, the right-hand side is a horizontal layout for the week. Each day has a row dedicated to each for your schedule. The rows are a tad slender, so it’s ideal for anyone with only a few places to be each day.

You have a full page committed to note taking and list making on the left-hand side of the spread. It’s separated into various topics for the week so you’re organized without really trying.

Sugar Paper’s Kraft Monthly/Weekly Planner is a great planner for any woman who has lean schedule demands, but a vast amount of stuff to do and keep track of.

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Last modified on January 3rd, 2024

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