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Black-ish Drinking Game: Toasting with the Johnsons

Black-Ish Drinking Game
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It’s been far too many months since we’ve hung out with the Johnsons…ok, maybe just five. But that’s still a long time without prayers to Black Jesus from Ruby, excessive shoe purchases from Dre, or lack of emotion toward just about anything from Diane. Now that season 4 is finally here, it’s time to grab your crew, get ready to meet baby DeVante, and play our Black-ish drinking game. Maybe we’ll even learn how old Charlie is (he only knows it’s between 39 and 72). Plus, it’s our last chance to say goodbye to Zoey before she heads off to college—and her own show (Grown-ish, coming early 2018).

And if your friends don’t watch Black-ish, publicly shame them into doing so. Because they’re seriously missing out.


Take a Sip Every Time:

  • Pops takes a sip.
  • Bow mentions she’s a doctor.
  • Dre is confused how Junior could possibly be related to him.
  • Dre freaks out about the baby.
  • Mr. Stevens talks about how terrible he is to his family.
  • Diane legitimately frightens the you-know-what out of you.

  • Ruby gets in a dig about Bow’s food or cooking skills.
  • Jack needs help with a basic task.
  • Junior nerds out about a video game or TV show.
  • Zoey changes outfits.
  • Dre has an awkward “topical” conversation at work.


Take a Shot If/When:

  • Pops is in an episode.
  • Dre mentions that Zoey is his favorite child.
  • Jack busts a move.
  • The kids actually show a little affection for one another.
  • Ruby gets spiritual.


Finish Your Drink If/When:

  • There’s a flashback.
  • A family friend/cousin/sibling comes to visit. (We see through your excuses for famous guest stars, ABC.)
  • Pops has another date.
  • Bow and Ruby agree.
  • Diane and Charlie have an interaction.


Black-ish season 4 premieres October 4 on ABC, 9/8c.

Featured image via black-ish.

Last modified on January 10th, 2018

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