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Bloom Daily Planners: Vision Planner Review

Bloom Daily Planners: Vision Planner Review
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Plain planners aren’t helpful when it comes to achieving your goals. That’s why you need a planner with vision, like the Vision Planner from Bloom Daily Planners. You can hustle away at a to-do list day in and day out, but without a vision to accompany it, you won’t really get anywhere. That’s why normal planners don’t always help you in the long run. To achieve goals, you need to have them at the forefront of everything you do each day.

A sticker selection that mixes functional and decorative (aka the only stickers we approve of) doesn’t hurt either. Bloom Daily Planners has two different packs available currently: the Holiday Planner Sticker Sheets and the Classic Planner Sticker Sheets.

Bloom Daily Planners: Vision Planner Review

Envision it, Make it Happen

The 2018-2019 Vision Planner by Bloom Daily Planners combines traditional planner features, like a weekly calendar, with robust and focused goal setting. The planner starts off with space to map out your vision for the year. This two-page spread includes places you want to visit, your five goals for the year, things you want to try, books you want to read, things you’ll work on, what you’re grateful for, and things you’re looking forward to. You can also make a vision board here by drawing in things or taping/gluing images in. This helps you to visualize what your year will be like so you have an improved chance of making that a reality.

Break it Down Monthly

At the start of each month, there are two pages for you to plan things out. There’s the page for the month’s vision. Here you can write down the things you want to focus on or make happen in various categories, like your health + fitness, relationships, personal growth, family + home, fun +adventure, finances, and work + school. The second page has a unique layout where you can break down your monthly goals by the week. You use the items you wrote down in the monthly vision to create actual tasks you need to follow through with.

Each week has six slots for tasks that will get you to actualizing your monthly goals. This helps you as you plan out all of your weeks. It lets you look at what’s most important so you can reach your goals in a steady, manageable way.

The monthly calendars have what you would expect, plus a fun monthly challenge. Each month presents a new challenge that’s meant to help you create a more thoughtful, well-rounded lifestyle. For example, the month of August challenges you to start some new healthy habits, like drinking more water or exercising an extra day a week.

Take Weekly Action

The weekly layout of the Vision Planner is vertical. Each day of the week gets its own lined column. There are no times or check boxes in the columns, so you can use the space however you need. There’s a weekly goals and notes column to the far left of the week, and at the top of the left page is a box for you to write down your weekly focus. There’s an inspirational quote at the top of the right page because we all need a little inspiration.

At the bottom of each day’s column is a blank box. Here, you can write down anything you want — whether you want to meal plan or track your workouts. Below this box is a place for you to track your water intake for the day. This planner isn’t massive, so there isn’t oodles of room to write stuff down, but if you want to focus on the important stuff and let the rest of it go then you have all of the space you need.

Bloom Daily Planner’s Vision Planner runs from August 2018 to July 2019, and it ends with a page for you to write down your highlights of those 12 months. This page looks just like the monthly vision-setting page, but it serves as a place to celebrate your successes rather than make a plan.

The Vision Planner by Bloom Daily Planners has so much for you to use and take advantage of. Whether you’re in college, grad school, working, or even if you’re a stay-at-home mom, this planner can provide you with a place to stay focused on your goals. There’s room for all of your tasks, schedule, and plans to coexist in the planner. And because it’s only $28.95 it’s just as affordable as it is beneficial.

Buy the Bloom Daily Planners Vision Planner now!

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Last modified on January 15th, 2019

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