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MY Path Journal Review

my path journal review
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

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2018 Update: We loved the My Path journal, but it appears that they’re no longer available.

Even though the New Year was a few months ago, it’s never too late to start thinking about goals for the year. What will you accomplish? How are you going to spend the majority of your year? These are big questions. Answering them in a full, comprehensive way and forming a plan you can stick to throughout the year is incredibly difficult.

my path journal review

But don’t worry, I’m about to tell you about an amazing tool to help you. The MY Path Journal is an extensive notebook designed to help you set goals, think them through completely, and formulate a plan. It’s an undated, thirty-day journal that you can start whenever — although it’s usually started at the beginning of the year. Since it’s only 30 days long, you can purchase more of them as the year goes by and your goals develop. Here is our MY Path Journal review.

The Setup

There are two sections in this journal. The first is all about your goals. It asks you questions about your goals: why you want to accomplish them, what you’re willing to do to achieve them, and when you want to complete them.

At the end of this section, there are pages dedicated to your timeline. It starts with your 365 Day Goal, and then breaks it down even further into 180 days, 90 days, and finally 30 days (which will the focus of the MY Path Journal). This system prevents you from being overwhelmed by your goals.

There are also questions about you as a person. For example, what are your values? This is intended to help you look deeply at what’s important to you so you can more effectively evaluate your goals and whether or not they’re really what you want for your life.

The Daily Section

After you’ve dished on your goals and shared who you are as a person, the MY Path Journal begins your daily pages. Each day has a whole page to itself, with the majority of the page dedicated to morning questions and a small space at the bottom for nighttime reflection. These pages aren’t dated, so there’s a space for you to date each page, and there’s also a countdown from 30 in the top lefthand corner.

The morning questions start by asking what you’re grateful for; it’s been proven that practicing gratitude results in more positive feelings. Then you write down the things that’ll make it a great day, your daily affirmations, and your daily goals. There is also a spot for you to write down your 30-day idea focus so you never forget to work towards your bigger goals. All of these are chosen to help you start the day in a good place, to think about what you want to focus on and what you need to have a good day.

The evening reflection has just three sections. First, you write down something wonderful that happened that day so you end the day on a positive note — this helps you remember that every day has something good in it. Second, there’s a space for you to write down a life lesson you learned that day. And in the third and final section, there are three checkboxes for mind food, body food, and soul food. These are a super simple way to remind you to think of your complete health. So if you ate a healthy lunch or went to the gym, then you can mark off the body food box, and if you read a book, then you can check off the mind food box. And you can mark off the soul food box after you’ve done whatever is good for your soul, like meditation, bible study, or even a bubble bath.

The End is Just the Beginning

After you’ve finished all thirty days, there’s a final reflective section for you to complete. Here you look back over the last month and evaluate how you did. It asks you questions about what you learned about yourself, your work, and your goals so that you can make better, smarter goals for the next thirty days.

One My Path Journal is $18.95. It has a soft cover and lays flat, so it’s easy to write in and carry around. You can also purchase it in packs of three, six, and 12. If you’re looking for something to give you more of a reflective edge in the new year, the MY Path Journal is an excellent option.

Last modified on January 15th, 2019

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