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2017 liveWELL Classic Planner by inkWELL Press: Goal-Setting #Goals

2017 liveWELL Classic Planner by inkWELL Press: Goal-Setting #Goals
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My love of all things inkWELL Press burns bright, so of course I’ve anxiously been awaiting the 2017 liveWELL Classic Planner. Last year I reviewed the liveWELL Flex, and even though I loved it, I’ve been chomping at the bit to grab the liveWELL Classic Planner.

My forced patience paid off—the 2017 liveWELL Classic Planner is every ounce of fantastic that I dreamed it would be. Even better is all of the exciting upgrades and changes Tonya (owner and designer of inkWELL Press) made to the 2017 versions. Ok, here we go.

First Things First

The liveWELL Classic Planner is a vertical weekly calendar. However, the layout is different from other weekly planners, and this is why I’ve been so excited to see, hold, and test it out. The Classic comes in three cover options, all in the same teal and peach color scheme, and will only be sold through Office Depot & Office Max. (If you want the 2017 Flex, you can purchase it from inkWELL Press’ online shop.)

2017 liveWELL Classic Planner by inkWELL Press: Goal-Setting #Goals

Of the three cover options, I chose the Layered Hexagon. The peach and teal colors are fresh and bright, and the hardcover is actually textured. This gives the planner an extra fancy vibe that perfectly complements the true gold coil (this color gold is my favorite because it’s not as yellow as most others). And of course, the liveWELL Classic Planner comes with an elastic band to keep the pages closed nice and tight.

Color Scheme Update

This year inkWELL Press revamped their color scheme with some travel-themed hues. There are four color combinations total, and each is a relaxing combination of muted colors. These four color schemes rotate throughout the months of the planner and serve to shake things up without making the interior of planner overwhelming to look at.

2017 liveWELL Classic Planner by inkWELL Press: Goal-Setting #Goals

For anyone not in love with overly bright colors, this is the best balance of muted colors.


There’s no goal-setting system out there like the one by inkWELL Press. This is a one-of-a-kind, super simple, highly effective goal-setting system. It starts with a two-page spread for you to write down your goals in different categories and then assign quarterly deadlines to those goals. Of course, because this is the liveWELL planner, this page is already color coded for you. It really is the small things like this that take the planner above and beyond.

2017 liveWELL Classic Planner by inkWELL Press: Goal-Setting #Goals

To keep your goals front and center, there’s a monthly goal-setting and planning page after every single monthly calendar. This is done with a brilliant (in my opinion) hexagon chart. Hexagons are clustered together, and each one is dedicated to one of your goal categories. There are a few blank hexagons for other goals you may have or for a category that needs more space. The fact this is done in a visually appealing way makes it much more enjoyable and effective to use, especially when you compare it to a plain old list.

2017 liveWELL Classic Planner by inkWELL Press: Goal-Setting #Goals

There’s also a lined section for you to plan out how you’ll achieve those goals, a box for your monthly focus to be documented, and a daily habit tracker. The daily habit tracker is a brand new addition and it’s one I can’t wait to put into practice. There are three separate trackers, so you can track three new or old habits, and each day you complete those habits you fill in the corresponding hexagon. There are hexagons for each day of every month.

The Magic of the Classic Layout

This year the weekly layouts—both the Flex and Classic—got some upgrades. Now there’s a space for you to write down five things you want/need to focus on each week. In the Flex this is called the Top 5 and in the Classic it’s called the Weekly Focus. No matter the name, it still serves the same function: Helping you create clarity for the things that matter.

2017 liveWELL Classic Planner by inkWELL Press: Goal-Setting #Goals

Like I said earlier, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this planner because it’s a vertical weekly. And it hasn’t disappointed me. Each column is lined but can be organized however you need. You can write your schedule at the top and your tasks on the bottom, or vice versa. You can separate the top and bottom into your work tasks and your personal tasks, or even important things about your kids on the bottom and your errands for the day on the top. It might be called the Classic, but it’s every bit as flexible as the Flex.

To keep the organization in check, inkWELL Press kept the three daily boxes in the 2017 edition. These sit at the bottom of every column, and like the rest of the weekly layout, they can be used for whatever you need. You can write down each of your meals, your workouts, important birthdays, or even your three most important tasks for the day. Personally, I like using it to track my water, my workout, and my meals (in very tiny writing).

The Verdict

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys having a bird’s eye view of the week and an organized planner that can help you achieve goals at every turn, the 2017 liveWELL Classic Planner is the planner for you. It’s sturdy, beautiful, and so effective/inspiring/helpful. Goals make the world go ‘round, so grab the 2017 liveWELL planner so your goals can finally take front and center in your daily life.

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Last modified on January 3rd, 2024

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