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Dancing With the Stars Drinking Game: Let’s RUMba

Dancing With the Stars Drinking Game: Let's RUMba!
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A good ole fashioned drinking game makes any show more fun, but Dancing With the Stars especially requires something to make the evening a little more entertaining. And seeing as it’s the 25th season of DWTS, it’s a special occasion—so break out the champagne, turn on your favorite two-hour-long guilty pleasure, and play our Dancing With the Stars drinking game! It’s what Julianne would want you to do in her absence (unfortunately, our favorite judge won’t be returning for Season 25).

Take a sip every time:

  • You have to ask your mom who a contestant is.
  • Carrie Ann cries.
  • Bruno says something inappropriate.
  • Someone calls Ken “grouchy.”
  • The audience boos a judge’s comments
  • Bruno leaps out of his seat. Two sips for every time he whacks another judge in the face.

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  • Erin Andrews says something dumb and makes it awkward.
  • Carrie Ann takes off points for lifts.
  • You spot someone famous in the audience.
  • Ken says he wants more content.
  • Max and/or Val take their shirts off.

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Take a shot if/when:

  • A pro (aka Max) argues with the judges.
  • Nick and Vanessa make you feel nauseous.
  • Someone gets engaged, announces they’re pregnant, etc.
  • You spot a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Bruno gets so excited that he falls (again).
  • A couple pretty much has sex on the dance floor.

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Finish your drink when:

  • Someone gets a perfect score.
  • Mark’s mind-blowing choreography moves you to tears and/or leaves your jaw on the floor.
  • Someone unexpected gets sent home.
  • Someone gets injured.
  • A guest celebrity judge gives a harsh critique and you’re like “who tf are you anyway, can you dance??” (Looking at you, Pitbull.)
  • One of the young contestants has never seen/heard of a classic song/movie/person.

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Featured image via dancingwiththestars

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Last modified on November 18th, 2019

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