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The Perfect Planners for Everyone in Your Life

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You should give the gift of organization with—what else?—a planner. No matter who you’re shopping for, there’s a planner out there perfect for them—and by the end of 2019 they’ll be thanking you for such a useful gift and for all of the help it provided them throughout the year.

Here are the best planners for students, mommas, twenty-somethings, men, and even health nuts.

Best Planners for Students

Students need a little bit more from a planner than the rest of us, and each student has entirely different needs. Some might need help budgeting, while others might need a space to write down all of their assignments and social events. These three planners are the most well-suited to all students, regardless of their specific needs.

Erin Condren LifePlanner

The Erin Condren LifePlanner has become known as THE planner for college students. With weekly layouts, tons of note pages, and oodles of fun, colorful designs throughout the planner, it provides the organization they need and the excitement they crave.

The LifePlanner also works with a whole litany of accessories. There are all kinds of dashboards and stickers to help your student stay organized; plus, it’s entirely customizable so you can make it the perfect planner for them.

PurpleTrail Student Planner

PurpleTrail created their Student Planner to be all about academics. This planner is organized by subject on a weekly basis, so it’s ideal for students who need more space to remember test dates and reading assignments than to keep up with their social life.

There’s only one layout option, but you can choose from a wide range of add-ons, like budgeting and fitness tracking, and completely customize the look and size of the planner.

inkWELL Press’ liveWELL Planner

inkWELL Press’ liveWELL planner is a great planner for older students who are starting to look beyond college. It comes with built-in goal setting pages, room for notes, lists, and brainstorming, and has two weekly layouts to choose from.

No matter which layout you choose, the liveWELL planner is flexible and easy to mold to your specific needs and desires. This planner is meant for the more focused and goal-oriented students.

Best Planners for Moms

No one needs the assistance of a planner more than a mom. When you have to juggle your own life and career plus the lives and varying schedules of your family, you need something to help you stay on top of it all. These planners are all spacious and detailed enough to assist even the busiest of moms.

Emily Ley’s The Simplified Planner

Some moms find that too much organization and detail is too stressful. For those moms, The Simplified Planner is the best choice. It’s a daily planner that comes with just room for your schedule, to-do list, notes, and dinner plans.

There’s a monthly calendar each month, but that’s it. No goal-setting pages, no budget tracking, or other extra features. It’s too-the-point and focused so you can be too.

Erin Condren LifePlanner

The LifePlanner is also a great tool for moms. It’s a weekly planner, so it allows them to see exactly what the week will hold for them and the family; plus, the lined to-do list provides a space for the most important tasks of the week.

If they need additional space or organization, the snap-in dashboards can provide them with all the help they need to plan meals, pack for trips, and write down even more tasks.

Day Designer Flagship Planner

The Day Designer Flagship is a comprehensive daily planner that detail-oriented moms will live and breathe by. It has a schedule from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., an equally long to-do list, notes, gratitude, and daily spending, dinner, due items, and “don’t forgets.”

There are goal-setting pages at the front of the planner, and note pages are included throughout the planner. It comes in a myriad of beautiful designs as well. If you know a mom who’s juggling work, family, other obligations, and still wants to make the time to set some goals, then the Day Designer is for her.

Desire Planner

For moms who are searching for more guidance and peace in their daily lives, there’s no better planner than the Desire Planner. With its soul prompts, space for tasks and schedules, and dedicated spaces to journaling and thinking, it’s not a normal planner.

The Desire Planner is about creating a life you love, and it’s meant to be paired with The Desire Map so it’s users can create their most ideal, plugged in, fruitful life.

Best Planners for Career-Focused Twenty-Somethings

The career-focused twenty-somethings are a unique group. They’re in the process of growing up and trying to figure out what they want out of life. With so many new responsibilities and things to learn, they really need a planner that can keep up with their fast-paced, evolving life.

Day Designer Flagship Planner

The Day Designer Flagship Planner works for the twenty-somethings for the same reason it works for really busy moms: It includes just about everything and has a ton of space to write on a daily basis. Because these young adults are now working full-time (and often overtime), but also trying to make time to see friends and pursue interests, they really need a planner with a lengthy schedule.

This allows them to write everything down clearly. Because the to-do list in the Day Designer Flagship Planner is also lengthy, it allows them to write down all of their work tasks and their personal life tasks. You know, so they don’t forget to fold the laundry and schedule their yearly dental appointment.

Passion Planner

Another main characteristic of these young adults is that they’re very goal-oriented and looking for the best way to track their progress. This is where the Passion Planner can come in handy. This planner was designed with this demographic in mind, so it’s very attuned to their needs.

It has all of the space for its users to go over their goals and set them in trackable and manageable steps. It also has tons of room for their weekly schedule and to-do list for both work and personal life. Plus, it’s affordable and can work with any budget.

inkWELL Press’ liveWELL Planner

The liveWELL is also goal-oriented, so it works for the career-focused young adults too. With a yearly goal-setting section, monthly goal setting, habit trackers, and even a budget tracker, the liveWELL planner is a great planner for young adults learning to balance the adult world.

Best Planners for the Health-Focused

The Perfect Planners for Everyone in Your Life

You can help your loved one out with their intention to start and maintain a healthier year by gifting them a health-centric planner. These planners are all about healthy eating, exercise, and creating a life that’s happy, healthy, and balanced.

inkWELL Press’ eatWELL Meal Planner

Eating clean is always difficult when starting out on a healthy regimen, especially if you’re also responsible for the food your family eats. With the eatWELL meal planner, it’s easier to plan meals for the whole family that are healthy and to map out your grocery list.

It’s a great tool to give as a gift this holiday season if you know someone is concerned about their diet and overall health.

inkWELL Press’ Fitness Planner

Like the eatWELL, inkWELL Press’ Fitness Planner is a great tool for tracking meals—but it also includes space for tracking and planning your workouts each week.

There’s space to log water intake, record weight lost, personal records of various exercises, and write down your exact workout in detail.

PurpleTrail Planner

If your loved one needs a planner with both health features and normal planner features, then the PurpleTrail Planner is the best choice. It has the typical weekly layouts for scheduling and tasks, but you can also add on health centric sections, like meal tracking and exercise tracking. It’s a well-rounded planner to help them in every thing all year long.

Get 15% off of your PurpleTrail planner with our discount code EVE2017!

Best Planners for Men

Men won’t always admit they want or need a planner, and there aren’t a ton on the market. These are the best ones out there to help the men in your life stay organized and to make sure they never forget a holiday, birthday, or anniversary again.

DapperDesk Planner by Emily Ley

The DapperDesk planner by Emily Ley is a leather planner with a daily layout. The layout is very similar to The Simplified Planner, but it has a masculine edge to the design.

It’s small, so it’s easy to carry around inside a briefcase and it’s very professional—so he won’t be embarrassed to have it sitting on his desk at work. There’s plenty of room for his entire schedule and all of his daily tasks.

Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is great for men because of its unisex design both inside and outside. It’s a planner focused on functionality and goal progress, so even men can find it to be beneficial. It’s more detailed than the other two planners, but that makes it perfect for the Type-A men.

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Last modified on November 12th, 2018

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