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6 Most Innovative Up-and-Coming Planners

5 Most Innovative Up-and-Coming Planners
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With all of the constant technological advancements going on these days, it only makes sense that the world of paper would be making some cool changes and developments. The following innovative planners, notebooks, and journals all have something unique to offer (some digital and some physical).

If you’re bored with the same ol’ notebook scenario and need something to keep up with your busy, technologically focused life, these up-and-coming planners are up for the job. (They’re also great gift ideas, just sayin’.)


5 Most Innovative Up-and-Coming Planners

Goals can be so overwhelming and elusive sometimes that it feels like no matter what you’ll never make any progress. The Commit30 Planner is meant to remedy that. It breaks things down into 30-day goals for you throughout the year. You set one goal, commit to sticking to it for 30 days, and then track it each day for 30 days. This helps you think about your goals each day and set trackable steps to take.

If you want 2017 to be the year you finally get some shit accomplished, then you really need a tool to help you do that — Commit30 can be right-hand man in the process.

There aren’t any fancy gadgets in the Commit30 Planner, but it’s such a highly organized and easy-to-understand system that it doesn’t need those things. With the broken-down steps, you’ll feel the most focused and capable you’ve ever felt as you work to achieve your goals and dreams.

Rocketbook Wave

5 Most Innovative Up-and-Coming Planners

There is nothing more revolutionary than the Rocketbook Wave. It’s brand new, so it hasn’t gained steam yet, but mark my words—the Rocketbook Wave will change the world of paper. This notebook is microwaveable—meaning you pop it in the microwave to erase the pages after you’ve finished the notebook. Then you have an entirely blank notebook to be used again and again and again. In order for this to work, you simply need to use the Pilot FriXion pen.

Not even notebooks made of recycled paper are as environmentally friendly as the Rocketbook Wave.

On top of that, this notebook is compatible with the brand’s mobile app (available on Android and iOS). Simply take an image of your notes and the app will scan them and upload them to the location of your choice. To indicate which place, you simply mark on the bottom of the page where there are multiple icons for different clouds. Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox are all included, among many others. The Rocketbook Wave is less than $30 even though it’s a reusable notebook.

My Path

5 Most Innovative Up-and-Coming Planners

Reflection. Intention. Affirmation. These are three words that adequately sum up what the My Path Journal is all about it. It’s sold in a 12-pack (one for each month), and is undated. There are 30 days in each little notebook for you to write down your goals for the month and to track how you’re doing—but more importantly, it asks you to take stock of all the good things in your life. If you’re looking for something to help you achieve your goals and dreams while also making the current days brighter, then the My Path Journal can do just that.

When you’re asked to set your goals, for both the month and for your life, and then set intentions each day to achieve those, you’re more likely to make progress and complete those goals. When you’re asked to think about what would make the day great and to think back on the good things that happened in the day, then you’re reminded that you have a life worth living even though you haven’t achieved your goals yet.

This serves to prevent you from becoming frustrated along the journey and giving up. My Path seems simple and like it wouldn’t pact that much influence, but it really does, and it’s worth the investment.

Mont Notebook

5 Most Innovative Up-and-Coming Planners

The Mont Notebook is full of all the note pages you could ever want or need. After 56 weeks’ worth of weekly spreads, 12 monthly calendars, and a 25-year calendar, you have room to roam with a pen through lined, blank, gridded, dot-gridded, and all kinds of other note pages. Seriously, I’ve never even seen some of the grids included, and it’s entirely enticing.

No matter what line of work you’re in or what kind of passion projects you like to work on in every spare hour, you have the space to outline, brainstorm, dream, and design.

Aside from being the ultimate source in paper, The Mont Notebook also has pockets in the front for a USB, a calculator, and a ruler, plus a folder in the inside of the back cover. It’s really only a matter of time before this notebook becomes a necessity in every creative, entrepreneur, and dreamer’s life.

Slice Planner

5 Most Innovative Up-and-Coming Planners

When you order the Slice Planner, you also get the free app designed to take your paper notes to your digital devices. Through the app, you can upload notes to your choice of clouds (Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Note, etc.), and your calendar events to your digital calendar (iCalendar, Google Calendar, etc.). The better your handwriting, the better the transfer process works though. Keep that in mind before you start scribbling like crazy.

Aside from the cool digital transfer, the Splice Planner has a very unique layout. For instance, the daily schedule is a sketch of a clock face and you fill in the hour slots for your plans. The Slice Planner is reminiscent of a Bullet Journal — aside from the clock face the rest of the pages are free for you to interpret and use however you want. You can doodle, make lists, or section of different parts of the page to different things. It’s also undated, so if you don’t need it one day then no problem and no wasted paper.

The Habit Calendar

6 Most Innovative Up-and-Coming Planners

If you’ve already got a planner you L-O-V-E but still feel like you need something to help you create more intentional habits and, as a result, a happier life, then the Habit Calendar can help you out. The Habit Calendar is a simple monthly calendar dedicated entirely to help you track your daily, weekly, and monthly habits. There’s a section devoted entirely to helping you brainstorm the habits that would be the most beneficial to your life, so you will know what to write down each month. As you complete your daily habits, you mark off the boxes next to each one so by the end of the month you can see your overall progress.

The weekly habits have four boxes for you to check off for each habits and the monthly habits have one box to mark off. The calendar is undated, so you can start it at any point in the year and use it for a full 12 months, and each month has a different theme (creativity, finances, etc.). It’s a useful tool to hang by your desk, in your bathroom, or even right by your bed to ensure you see it everyday and make progress one day at a time to creating the healthy, intentional life you want.

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Last modified on July 24th, 2017

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