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The 5 Best Midyear Planners

Best Midyear Planners
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Everyone knows that the year really ends the second spring finals are done and over with, so a midyear/academic planner is the perfect solution for students, teachers, and administrative professionals. Most midyear planners start in June, July, or August, which is perfect timing for anyone in a school setting. Since so few people operate with midyear planners, they’re typically easier to get ahold of as well.

Since most people start to lose steam for those New Year goals around the early summer time, using a midyear planner can be beneficial in reinvigorating that motivation. Midyear planners serve as a reminder that the summer months aren’t just for fun, they’re also a time to work diligently in all aspects of life.

If you want a midyear planner, there are several options out there for you to choose from. Here are our top recommendations:

The Simplified Planner Academic Daily by Emily Ley

Emily Ley The Simplified Planner Review

Emily Ley’s The Simplified Planner Academic Daily is exactly what it promises: Simple. Each day provides a 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. schedule, a to-do list, as well as a section for dinner plans and note-taking. The Academic Daily planner is offered in four different simple yet colorful cover designs.

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Erin Condren Academic Planner

With three weekly layout options, the Erin Condren academic year planner offers the perfect visual options for those who need to see the week from a bird’s eye view. It’s colorful, has thick paper that won’t bleed through, and is durable enough to survive bouncing around inside bags.

PurpleTrail Planners

The great thing about PurpleTrail planners, aside from the massive control you have in its design (size, color, layout, design), is that you can choose the start month. If you don’t want a planner that starts in June, then you can make it start in July or August. You can also choose what type of weekly layout you want, so you can have vertical, horizontal, hourly, and even a three or six-month daily layout option with certain covers. You have full control over this planner. That’s a beautiful thing.

teacher planner

We’re sorry to announce PurpleTrail has officially closed its doors!

inkWELL Press Academic Planner

It comes with all of the amazing bells and whistles from the January 2023 liveWELL planners, but runs from July to June. For a planner that allows goal planning, a flexible weekly layout, and useful tools, like bill tracking, this is the Academic Planner for you.

The 5 Best Midyear Planners

Day Designer Planners

The midyear Day Designer planner offers a lengthy daily layout, a long to-do list, and room to jot down absolutely everything else, including your goals.

Best Planners for Productivity and Organization

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Updated August 8, 2023.

Last modified on August 22nd, 2023

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