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The 6 Best Planners for Men

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You’re a badass woman, so of course you want to help your man dominate his days almost as well as you do yours. For some reason, it’s hard to find planners for men that are both well-organized and “manly,” but there are a few. Here are our top picks of man-approved planners for 2020.

Field Notes

Best Planners for Men

This planner is for the most low-key of men. Field Notes’ 56-week planner is understated and manly to the max (there’s a chart about the phases of the moon on the back cover). It’s very small and only has weekly pages. In fact, the whole thing can slide into their back pocket if need be.

No monthly pages. No goal setting. No extra stuff in any way. Just each day of the year undated because men like the freedom. The covers are thin cardboard so it’s definitely not flashy. If you’re trying to talk your man into some semblance of organization, Field Notes is a good planner to start him out on. Even better: It’s a modest $14.

Blue Ox Planner by Bloom Daily Planners + Pocket Pad

The 6 Best Planners for Men

The Blue Ox Planner comes in two wood grain cover options, and both are gorgeous. It’s a hard cover, wire-bound, weekly planner. The weeks are laid out horizontally and each day gets a lined space to be used, however. There’s also a monthly calendar with a column for each month’s goals, notes, and tasks, and there are some inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout.

This planner is also great for students. At the start of the planner there are three pages dedicated to a class schedule, so it can work for students who choose to attend summer school. At the back of the planner there’s a page to write down important dates for the year to come, as well as a folder on the back cover. If for some reason the weekly layouts aren’t enough space, there’s also a fantastic Pocket Pad you can buy to compliment it. The Pocket Pad can stand in on the days a guy needs to write down a lengthy schedule, lots of tasks, random ideas or notes, and even track meals, workout, and water intake. The Blue Ox Planner and Pocket Pad are perfect choices for a simple but comprehensive planning system that won’t overwhelm a guy or become a burden.

Passion Planner

6 Best Planners for Men

Passion Planner is a rarity. It’s both incredibly organized and efficient and also appeals to men because it’s not “girly” in any way. Passion Planner is sold in two different sizes, dated or undated, Monday or Sunday starts, and multiple cover options—however, the black, gray, and burgundy covers are definitely more “manly.” Another important thing to note about the Passion Planner is that it looks very professional, so it’s definitely appropriate for the office (and men won’t balk at the idea of being seen with it).

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More importantly, Passion Planner is actually useful for everyone. This planner is all about really figuring out how you’re going to achieve your goals and create the life you want to live. It combines work tasks with personal tasks, has ample room for your busy schedule, and provides space to think about progress or regression in goal pursuits.

If you don’t want to buy it, you can also opt for the free download by sharing the link to the website on your social media accounts. Prices range from $25 to $35, depending on the size and cover you choose.

Moleskine Weekly Planner Horizontal

If your man enjoys Moleskine notebooks, then he’ll definitely enjoy their weekly planner. It’s simple and to the point, and has all the qualities Moleskine is known for. With a clean horizontal weekly layout, it’s all a guy really needs. Plus, there are monthly calendars throughout, a neat flat world map at the beginning, and an accordion folder at the back.

It’s comprehensive, but won’t overwhelm the user with a lot of stuff to write down. The paper is high quality and the cover is clean. It’s super professional and boy-friendly. For only $22 the Moleskine Weekly Planner is quite the steal.

DapperDesk by Emily Ley

Emily Ley has proven she knows a thing or two about creating a simple planner that works with style, so of course it’s no surprise that her line of planners for men, DapperDesk, achieves the same thing. The DapperDesk is a tawny brown leather planner, 6×9 inches, and even more streamlined than The Simplified Planner.

The Dapperdesk planner has a schedule from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., a to-do list of the same length, and a large section for notes at the bottom. There’s no fluff or unnecessary additions, and the brown leather gives it a professional look. For a man who’s about the essentials and nothing more, this is the planner to have.


The 2017 UPstudio planner got a major face lift. Now the weekly planner comes in a book-bound, gray leather cover and has improved paper quality. The planner is incredibly flexible and has a lot of white space. This makes it perfect for a guy who doesn’t like a lot of fuss.

There are 54 pages of graph paper for your man to jot down all of his brilliant ideas, monthly calendars to keep his football games in a place of honor, and an elastic band to keep the pages from being damaged when he throws it in the back seat of his car. Plus, it’s reasonably priced at $40.

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Updated November 6, 2018.

Last modified on May 27th, 2020

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