Planner Accessories for Every Type of Planner Addict

Planner Accessories for Every Kind of Planner Addict

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Do you have a family member, friend, or partner who loves their planner more than most people love their pets? If you answered yes, then you should definitely gift that person some accessories and tools to complement the planner they cherish. Here’s a list to help you choose the right items for your loved ones planner and style.

Accessories for the Erin Condren LifePlanner

Planner Accessories for Every Type of Planner Addict

If your loved one has an Erin Condren LifePlanner and loves to be extra organized, then check out these accessories. Each of these is made specifically to fit inside the LifePlanner. There are stickers to help her be more organized, snap-in dashboards to provide more space for notes, and the best writing tools to use throughout the planner.

Functional Flags
Because there’s no such thing as enough functional stickers.

Meal Planner Dashboard
To help map out the meals for the week.

Travel Dashboard
So packing and planning is a breeze.

Designer Dots
For quick and easy organization.

Wet Erase Markers
So notes don’t come off the snap-in dashboards.

Pen Holder
To keep that pen close by at all times.

Wellness Dashboard
To help you stay on course with your health and fitness goals.

Monthly Bill Tracker Dashboard
So you never miss a bill or skip on savings.

Accessories for A5 Planners

Planner Accessories for Every Type of Planner Addict

A5 planner lovers are all about having the best accessories and tools to create their ideal planner. With the following items you can help her do just that; with the right supplement packs, organizational tools, and even a hole punch so she can turn any page into one that fits inside her beloved A5.

Week on Two Pages Supplement Pack
Sometimes you need to see the whole week at once.

Lined Notes Supplement Pack
Other times you need more space to write.

Ziplock Envelopes
So none of those important items are lost.

Portable Hole Punch
This way any piece of paper can become a part of the planner.

Accessories for The Happy Planner

Planner Accessories for Every Type of Planner Addict

The Happy Planner is known for having some wonderful accessories. If your planner lovers uses The Happy Planner, then gift her some or all of these items. There are themed stickers to keep her on track with goals and to do lists, a pouch to hold everything together, and extra note pages so she has room to write down all of her thoughts.

Fitness Stickers
Just a little extra organization and motivation.

Everyday Reminders Stickers
So she doesn’t forget the important things.

Important Sticky Notes
Because sometimes you need those reminders to be movable.

Accessory Pouch
To keep it all together.

Note and Graph Paper
So there’s always room to write.

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