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Why Shudder is the Best Streaming Service for Horror Lovers

Why Shudder is the Best Streaming Service for Horror Lovers
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When it comes to streaming TV and movies, your options are fairly numerous. You can find an outlet for just about every genre imaginable, letting you personalize your viewing experiences and satisfying your need for instant gratification at least somewhere in your day! Among the top in both content and pricing is Shudder. It’s the home of horror; one of the most universally loved genres there is. And after six months of subscribing to this streaming service, here’s what we’ve learned.

Shudder’s Price + Availability

A subscription to Shudder is extremely affordable at $47.88, billed yearly. If you choose to renew monthly, it’s $4.99. Both options start after a free seven-day trial.

You can subscribe on your computer via or on streaming devices (FireTV, Roku, etc.) or app stores like Google Play and Apple—although you lose the annual option. No matter how you subscribe, you can cancel anytime, no fees attached, and you will absolutely never see a single ad.

You should be aware, however, of a few differences in content availability depending on which avenue you choose.

Differences Among Platforms

Should you elect to use a streaming device, you will lose some features that are only available on or the Shudder app. For instance, Shudder TV is available through and you can watch its content on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad (no sitting leg-shackled to your PC), but you can’t access it through FireTV.

Also, FireTV shows each film’s IMDB rating but doesn’t support the user rating and review feature found on the website. It leaves out’s guest curator selection, which includes interviews and commentary from various actors and directors. And the category list is very minimal, where other avenues give you a more detailed catalog. The same films are available; just not as organized.

Shudder’s Catalog

Now down to the good stuff! Shudder’s main appeal is to fans of horror and science fiction. Its content covers many subcategories such as horror-comedy, slasher films, paranormal and psychological thrillers, creature features, and of course science fiction. It offers exclusives and original series and even a couple of podcasts.

Shudder is home to many cult classics, like Halloween and Sleepaway Camp, as well as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a few of the Hellraiser films, and Jaime Lee Curtis’s Prom Night. Newer films include titles like BAFTA-nominated Beast and Nicholas Cage’s 2018 revenge flick Mandy, while widely popular films like Resident Evil and Hellboy are also available. There is a decent catalog of foreign horror in which you can find The Host (in Korean), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and all its sequels (in Swedish), and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (in Persian).

For those who like a little comedy with their horror, Shudder offers plenty of laughs with Tucker and Dale vs Evil, or Sleepy Hollow featuring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. There are trendy, self-aware B-movies and dark comedies, the most notable being 1979’s The Evil Dead, and Heathers, starring a young Winona Ryder.

First-person shoots are present in Hell House LLC and its sequel, along with a selection of short films from a few new directors. You can find series like Shudder’s latest addition, A Discovery Of Witches, the adaptation of a popular book trilogy by Deborah Harkness. Most are newer shows like Channel-Zero, a current SyFy channel hit, and Eli Roth’s History of Horror from AMC.

Is Shudder Right for You?

If you love horror—actually, if you’re even mildly interested in horror—Shudder is the streaming service for you. The price is right. The content is unparalleled. The only thing missing is your face and the popcorn you’re stuffing into it.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Shudder now!

Last modified on March 13th, 2019

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