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How to Get More Done in Less Time

How to Get More Done in Less Time
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If you’re building an amazing career, managing a side hustle, or starting a business, you know all too well what it means to hustle. The challenge is actually getting everything done—you’re moving from one meeting to the next, and doing the work, but it seems like there’s always something that falls to the wayside. Or worse, your days seem to last forever as you tick each last item off your never-ending to-do list.

Use these ideas to start getting more done in less time. At the end of the day you just might have a little “me” time to rejuvenate before another busy day!

1. Outsource Personal Tasks

We think about delegating at work or in our business, but what about those mundane personal tasks that do nothing but take up your precious time? Don’t let them take up another ounce of your time. Instead, outsource them.

Today, there are thousands of affordable and easy-to-use services that take take the most time-consuming tasks off your plate. By outsourcing these to-dos, you can focus on things that make a larger impact for your career or business. Here are a few ways to start outsourcing personal tasks today.

  • Laundry: Rather than spend three painful hours doing laundry, outsource it to a same-day dry cleaning service. Not only will you save time, but getting clothes professionally washed will also extend the life of your expensive clothing—so you can take “shopping for new blouses” off your to-do list too.
  • Grocery Shopping: If you’re sick of waiting in line for 30 minutes on a Sunday night at Trader Joe’s, get your groceries delivered to your doorstep using services like Instacart and Shipt. Instacart delivers groceries from local stores, like Whole Foods, Target, and even Petco, in as little as two hours.
  • House Cleaning: Don’t have time to clean your home or apartment? Hire a cleaning service to do the dirty work for you. Costs range from $50-$90 per hour, on average, according to HomeAdvisor. If you don’t want to fork over too much money, have the cleaning service come just once each month.
  • Car Washing: The key to keeping your car in tip-top shape is washing it regularly, but who has time for that? With the mobile app, MobileWash, you can schedule to have your car washed at home, while you work on other, more important things.

2. Just Say “No”

No one likes to say “no.” In fact, most people tend to say “yes” to things without even thinking them through because it’s easier than deal with the potential conflict. However, saying “yes” to everything—both in your professional and personal life—without taking something else off your to-do list means you’re less productive and more stressed.

If this feels like an impossible task for you, start by saying “no” to small things, like going to see a movie with friends or an after-work happy hour. Say “no” to the things that you don’t feel excited about in your personal life, working your way up to saying “no” to tasks at work, or that new job that you know is more of a lateral move than a step forward.

Remember, every time you say “yes” to an assignment or an invitation that isn’t beneficial to your future, you’re taking one step back from the goals that are most important to you. I recently wrote about how saying “no” helped me build a life I love—maybe you can find some inspiration to say it more in your life too.

3. Use the Time-Blocking Technique

If you live and die by your to-do list, you’ve already taken the first step; getting organized helps you prioritize your tasks so you feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your time. While to-do lists are beneficial, it may still feel like things never seem to get done, and that’s because you’re not using your to-do list most effectively.

Say hello to time blocking. Time blocking is when you block out time on your calendar to work on each item. With time blocking, you dedicate an allotted amount of time, free of distractions, to complete a certain task. It’s simple and straightforward, while adding accountability. If you have it on your calendar, and everyone can see you have that time blocked off, you’re more likely to get the work done.

To be even more effective, use this time to work in a conference room, if you’re typically in an open office all day. This means you’re less likely to be distracted with impromptu meetings or small talk as people walk by your desk.

Getting more things done in less time doesn’t require you to become Superwoman. Instead, use these simple tips and tricks to hustle with greater impact. Bonus: when you get more done in less time you may actually be able to stop for a second and reflect on the amazing life and career you’ve built.

Featured Image via WOCinTech Chat

Last modified on August 23rd, 2023

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