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12 Must-Have Office Supplies for Maximum Productivity

office supplies
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The yearly trip for brand-new school supplies was always the best part of heading back to school. Being a technical “adult” doesn’t mean that a fresh batch of pens and other fun office supplies isn’t exciting. Trust me—it’s still so much fun! The greatest thing is that the adult office supplies are way cooler than the kid school supplies. That, and the fact your parents don’t get to tell you to put back the 100-count box of crayons that you really, really did need.

Here’s our roundup of all the best office supplies you need to help you stay organized at work and to freshen up your desk space.

1. Day Designer

A good planner is critical no matter what you do for a living. The Day Designer is the epitome of daily planners and has all the space you need to write down absolutely everything in your life.

2. Notebook

You need a place to write down notes in all your super important meetings. Luckily, you can upgrade to a truly nice notebook instead of the cheap $1 ones from elementary school. Erin Condren’s notebooks come in so many cute covers and page layout options that you’ll find yourself wanting needing them all.

3. Notepad

For a truly comprehensive note-taking system, you need a notepad. These notepads from Erin Condren are ideal for short notes, like phone numbers, and easy to pull off and hand someone else should you need to. Plus, you won’t have to rip a page out of your planner or notebook.

4. iPad

An iPad is expensive, but they are actual career lifesavers. It’s easier to carry around an iPad to type up notes or send emails than it is to carry around your laptop, and they’re less obnoxious in meetings.

5. Case for iPad and/or Planner

When you spend a lot of money on something or rely on it daily, then you need to keep it protected from mishaps. An iPad cover is essential for carrying an iPad to and fro, and a planner case keeps those precious inner pages safe from being bent or even destroyed by moisture.

6. Keyboard

If you type all day for a living, then you know how important a really good keyboard is. Invest in one that is easy to type on, reliable, and has all of the functional buttons you need to work more efficiently. Extra points if you get one that’s solar powered.

7. Colored Pens

If you loved the new markers and crayons from your childhood, then you know how exciting a new package of colored pens is. Papermate Flair pens are the best colored pens out there. They write smoothly, are vibrantly colored, and don’t run or bleed.

8. Whiteout

We all make mistakes. That’s why whiteout is essential at your desk. Use it to make adjustments to your planner or edits to any written-out or typed-up document you’re working on. You’ll be glad you have it handy.

9. Mouse Pad

Yes, you can use a mouse without a mouse pad. It’s way less frustrating if you have a good mouse pad though. If you have a slightly finicky or glitchy mouse, then invest in a mouse pad that looks pretty sitting on your desk.

10. Pencil Pouch

If you color code, then you know you need to keep up with multiple writing utensils. A cute pencil pouch is the best way to carry your colored pens to and from work. Plus, you can use it to hold white out, paper clips, post-its, and whatever else you need.

11. Coffee Cup

Obviously, you need coffee. And your morning coffee is always better when you have a fun or cute coffee mug to drink it out of. Plus, it looks super nice sitting on your desk when you aren’t using it.

12. Sticky Notes

Not everything needs to be written down in your planner. Sticky notes are the best way to write down something that you know might potentially change later without ruining your planner or losing a loose sheet of paper. They are also good for passing notes to colleagues since there’s little chance the sticky note will end up knocked on the ground.

If you don’t see something on this list that catches your attention, Trinity Packaging Supply offers the largest product catalog on the market, with over 80,000 packaging, industrial, and janitorial supplies. With such a massive catalog, you’re sure to find what you need!

Last modified on June 26th, 2023

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