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Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

desk accessories
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Decorating your home office can either be really fun, or really not. You want to get desk accessories that are going to be relevant and stylish for years to come — unless you want to end up revamping your decor every few years. There’s also a fine line between chic and over-the-top — although I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. Here are some of the best desk accessories to make your home office clean, fashionable, and organized — you can thank me later.

High Heel Stapler

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

High Heel Stapler, $15.45* on Amazon

Staple in style with this high heel stapler; no longer will you have to staple your pages with a boring, ugly tool. It comes in two colors: black and red — and (wo)man do I love that red one! For all you divas out there, this is one of the best desk accessories to spruce up your desk and show off your personal taste at the same time.

LED Lamp

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

TraoTronics LED Lamp, $20.99*  on Amazon

Now you might be thinking, Anna there are literally millions of lamps on the market why are you telling me to buy an LED one? Well, the simplest answer I can give you is that they’re some of the most energy efficient lamps out there that are also sleek and go with practically any aesthetic. The TaoTronics lamp in particular can reduce your energy spending by 75% — that should excite everyone, not just us environmentally conscious nuts. Brighten up your home office without draining your wallet with this sophisticated desk lamp.

Foot Hammock

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

Foot Hammock, $22.99* on Amazon

We all have those days while sitting at our desks when all we want to do is kick our feet up and lay back but, apparently, that’s not very professional. With the Foot Hammock, you can stay semi-sophisticated while also feeling cozy and relaxed. There are two “positions” you can set your hammock to: one high, which is for resting and hanging out, and one low, which is for working. You can adjust your foot hammock by making the straps at the ends shorter or longer — these straps also make this item perfect for all heights.

Cable Clips

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

ONME Cable Clips, $4.99* on Amazon

Organize your messy cables with these ONME Multipurpose Cable Clips. These cable clips stick to the top, sides, ends (or anywhere else you’d like them to be) on your desk and can hold your laptop and phone chargers — as well as any other cords you need wrangled. This is one of the best organizational tools for those who have to have a clear work space to get anything done (and that’s totally me).

Clip-On Cup Holder

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

LOHOME’s Clip-On Cup Holder, $11.99* on Amazon

LOHOME’s Cup Holder attaches and extends from the end or side of your desk to allow easy access to your drink without leaving water or other liquid stains on your desktop. With the cup holder, you’re far less likely to knock over your drink throughout the day. It fits virtually any type of glass or mug — so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your cup will be the right size. Although made for cups, these desk accessories can hold smaller items such as your phone or snacks (or whatever else your heart desires).

Portable Cup Warmer

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer, $30.68* on Amazon

It absolutely sucks taking a big gulp of cold coffee when you were expecting warm goodness — especially when you’re trying to stay awake at work. Instead of having to get up and stick it in the microwave, you can simply turn on your Norpro Desk Cup Warmer. You can even use the warmer throughout the day to ensure that your coffee or tea doesn’t get cold. The marble-esque finish makes it cute and trendy, and will fit right in with your (assumed) already stylish home office.

Desk Organizer

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

SONGMICS Bamboo Monitor, $47.99* on Amazon

Get all your essentials in one place, right on your desk. No longer will you have to shuffle through your desk to find your pen or that business card you’ve somehow misplaced. SONGMICS’s Desk Organizer is basically a combination of all the other desk accessories on this list — a multi-tier removable organizer, a cupholder, multiple USB charging ports. You’ll be the queen of desk organization and have more time to worry about the important things — like kicking ass.

Desk Bicycle

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, $159.00* on Amazon

Ever wish that you could burn some calories while also getting work done? Well, with DeskCycle’s Desk Bike, you can now pedal your days away right from your desk. This is perfect for those with hectic schedules who want to keep in shape. The resistance and speed is all easily changeable so you can pick your settings and pedal away.

Last modified on October 28th, 2018

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