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How to Actually Achieve Your Goals With “You Goal, Girl”

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ICYMI, we wrote a book. Yes, a real, physical, ACTUAL book. (We actually wrote two, NBD; but right now we’re focusing on the one that comes out first). It’s called You Goal Girl: A Goal-Setting Workbook, and it’s about—you guessed it—how to set goals and actually achieve them.

With this guided workbook, we’ll teach you how to design your own (realistic) goals and break them down into small, actionable steps to ensure success.

How to Actually Achieve the Goals You Set With You Goal Girl

Here’s a little excerpt to get you even more excited:

A goal is something you have some control over. Things you can control: your behavior. Things you cannot control: literally anything else. You’re probably thinking, “then what’s the point?” The point is that although goal setting may seem like an abstract concept (at least to us Type B’s, anyway), there is a right way to set goals—and a wrong way.

If you’ve had trouble achieving goals in the past, it might be because you weren’t actually setting real goals to begin with. Let’s go over what goals are and what they aren’t.

Basically, any goal that relies on other people or external factors in order to be achieved is not a good goal. Your goals are set by you, so you should be the controlling factor. You can’t control when you’ll meet the love of your life, but you can control the state of your finances for when that day comes.

Getting a promotion at work is your boss’s decision (and your boss’s boss), but you can put in the time and effort to get there by showing up, doing your best, documenting your achievements, and, of course, taking the incredibly important step to ASK FOR IT.

You can also think of this as dreams vs. goals. It’s perfectly fine to dream about living in a mansion, Kardashian-style. But how specifically are you going to get there? Goals are the steps you take to make your dreams a reality.

There will be TONS of worksheets to help you every step of the way, including…

Monthly + Weekly Focus Pages

How to Actually Achieve the Goals You Set With You Goal Girl

These monthly + weekly focus pages provide prompts to help you focus on the goals you’ve set for the month as well as plenty of space to write down your actionable steps each week.

Gratitude Logs

How to Actually Achieve the Goals You Set With You Goal Girl

It’s so much easier to focus on kicking ass on your goals when you focus on the positives, so we’ve provided monthly AND yearly gratitude logs!

Habit Trackers

How to Actually Achieve the Goals You Set With You Goal Girl

You want credit for doing the homework, right? Track your progress with the habit tracker worksheets we’ve provided for you!

You Goal, Girl also includes a brain dump, halfway and end-point check-ins to help you reassess your goals, assistance prioritizing your goals, and so much more!

You Goal, Girl is in stores now! Find more info on retailers here.

Last modified on April 6th, 2020

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