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20 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

20 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

We all know a dog mom (or 300) who lives for her pooch. If she’s not hanging out with her dog, she’s talking about her dog, and she doesn’t care if you’re tired of looking at the 100 adorable pictures she took of him just last night. (Guilty over here.) With the holiday season approaching, you may be wondering what you could get this friend or family member as a gift. Well, the first option should always be another dog, but if that doesn’t seem like a realistic option, absolutely any one of the following gifts for dog lovers would be a great option.

From simple dog gear that will make her daily life a little easier and more affordable to the big items that will be a total dog mom life-changer, the dog mom in your life will be over the moon opening one of these Christmas morning.

Hint: Every single dog mom is dreaming of a high-powered vacuum to keep the pet dander and hair under control.

Practical Gifts

Dogs are expensive pets. When you start to add up food, flea & tick prevention, heartworm prevention, toys, and bones, it’s alarming. If you know a dog mom balling on a budget, do her a solid and gift her some of those items.

20 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Life-Changing Gear

Sometimes dogs can be unruly, depressed, and slightly difficult. When it comes to bath time, walking calmly on the leash, or walking more than one pup at a time, dog moms needs a little extra help.

20 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers


There’s nothing more valuable to the dog mom of an exceptionally furry pooch than a vacuum designed to specifically collect all the hair that covers the floors or one that magically makes those little accidents disappear from the carpet. You will see tears when she opens these gifts.

20 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Fun Stuff

These items are strictly for kicks and giggles.

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

*Price as of 10/24/18

Last modified on December 6th, 2018

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