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Danes & Divas: Insanely Cute Dog Collars (And More)

Danes & Divas Review
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.
Disclosure: The following product(s) may have been sent to Earn Spend Live in exchange for a review. All opinions are the author’s own.

Here at Earn Spend Live, we’re all pretty much obsessed with our pets. As in, I personally have brought my dog, Gatsby, to the office because I couldn’t stand to leave him at home. (We don’t even have a pet-friendly office.) Elise, Meleah, and Christine are all equally obsessed with their furballs. So it’s not surprising that we all like to spoil them with the very best gear (grocery store dog collars are a no-go). Danes & Divas is our new go-to shop for all our pooches’ and cats’ threads.

We all have some rough-and-tumble pets, particularly me and Meleah. Our dogs are large and in charge. So it’s important to us to purchase stylish items that are also very well made (i.e. won’t come apart after a mere week of use.) The cat and dog collars, leashes, bandanas, and harnesses from Danes & Divas fit the bill for all of that. Here’s a breakdown of what we each got for our pets:

Terra’s Dog Gatsby

Danes & Divas Review
Palm Leaf Dog Collar, Palm Leaf Bandana, and Palm Leaf Leash

Meleah’s Dogs Zero + Abby

Danes & Divas Review
Black and White Cactus Dog Collar, Black and White Cactus Bandana, and Black and White Cactus Leash
Jumbo Autumn Ikat Dog Collar, Pink Ikat Bandana, and Jumbo Autumn Ikat Leash

Christine’s Dog Sunny

Danes & Divas Review
Southwest Chambray Dog Collar, Southwest Chambray Bandana, and Southwest Chambray Leash

Elise’s Cat Lazarus

Danes & Divas Review
Petite Southwest Prep in Blush Cat Collar

The Quality

Each collar, leash, and bandana is extremely well made. They’re made of quality, thick fabrics that have held up to our rambunctious pets, and they’re easy to wash. Because they’re all made of similar canvas-type fabric, we can just throw them in the wash on gentle without worry.

Danes & Divas Review

The Collars and Leashes

My favorite feature of all the products is the hardware. The dog collars and leashes have heavy-duty clasps that are easy to operate. Because my dog is large and tends to pull on the leash a bit when he’s caught an exciting scent, his old leashes and collars have fallen through on standing up to him. These are extra strong though. The leashes have a lobster claw snap hook so they’re extra-enforced. The dog collars have nickel-plated aluminum contoured slide release buckles and rust-free D-rings. Because my dog is a water lover the rust-resistance is a big deal, and the buckles are easy to snap on and off.

Danes & Divas Review

And like all good cat collars, Danes & Divas’ cat collars have breakaway snaps so that if your cat gets its collar hooked on something it will release on its own. Elise will tell you that this is a big deal for cat parents who have to leave their (mischievous) cats home alone most of the day.

Danes & Divas Review

The Bandanas

Bandanas are a popular dog accessory, but usually a bandana means tying another item around your dog’s neck — and in the summer heat that can be annoying for your pet and occasionally lead to chafing/rubbing. Danes & Divas has the perfect solution: each bandana can be attached to the collar without adding extra bulk. The bandanas have a hidden pocket at the top that allows you to slip it over any flat collar. It’s super easy to do, and more comfortable for your pet. There’s also the fun reversible feature of each bandana. You basically get two bandana designs for the cost of one. And like the collars and leashes, the bandanas can be washed in the washing machine easily.

Danes & Divas Review

The Value

When it comes to buying cat and dog collars, leashes, and bandanas from specialty shops, most places really over-charge and under-deliver (and don’t even get me started on the value/price of items purchased from pet chains). The average collar from Danes & Divas is $20, the leashes are $36, and bandanas are $28. While that’s more costly than items from Walmart or Target, the quality is far superior — not to mention these items are all adorable and easy to wash.

Danes & Divas also sells dog harnesses, bowties (for dogs and cats), bows/flowers, and offers personalization for bandanas. If you’re looking for a well-made collar, leash, bandana, and/or harness that can stand up to your pet’s daily antics, Danes & Divas needs to be your go-to place.

Last modified on January 15th, 2019

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