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6 Best Cat Subscription Boxes

6 Best Cat Subscription Boxes
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Disclosure: The following product(s) may have been sent to Earn Spend Live in exchange for a review. All opinions are the author’s own.

There’s plenty of subscription boxes available for dogs — we get it, they’re man’s best friend, whatever — but cats rule and dogs drool, so can we talk about the amazing pet subscription boxes for cats for just a sec?? (If you’re a special unicorn and you have dogs and cats, these subscription boxes are basically BarkBox for cats.)

Between meowbox, KitNipBox, Cat Lady Box, The Cat Kit, My Purrfect Gift Box, and Paw Print Club, it’s easier than ever to spoil your furry little angel. I’ve turned into a bit of a crazy cat lady since adopting my little Russian Blue kitten, Lazarus, and we’ve had endless hours of fun trying out cat subscription boxes — and the following are the best of the best!


meowbox Review: The Most A-Meow-Zing Cat Subscription Box

meowbox is hands-down my (and Laz’s) favorite cat subscription box. For $22.95 a month, you receive four to six toys and treats — and they always personalize your box with your kitty’s name. meowbox is unique in that they have a program called One Box Can — and for every meowbox purchased, they send a can of food to a shelter cat.

Aside from the obvious — meowbox is super cute AND charitable — Laz loved every single one of his toys. I’ve never considered him to be a picky cat by any means, but with other subscription boxes, he’s only taken to one or two toys max out of the box. But his meowbox toys are his absolute favorite. (Plus, they make for some hella cute Instagram posts!)

meowbox is also my favorite because of their active social media presence. They always make sure to like Laz’s photos when they’re tagged, and they’ve even commented on how “handsome” he is before. (Hint: If you wanna get in good with me, compliment my cat. That’s literally all it takes.) So if your kitty is a social media star, meowbox is the right cat subscription box for you.

meowbox also has an online shop, so if your kitty becomes obsessed with a toy, you can restock!

Want your own meowbox? Use our code for 10% off your first box: LAZARUS10



KitNipBox is a slightly less expensive option — for $19.99 a month your kitty is treated to an assortment of five toys and treats. If you’ve got more than 1 cat (holla atcha cat ladies!), you can subscribe to the Multi-Cat KitNipBox for $29.99, which supplies toys and treats for multiple cats.  They have super cute themes each month — so far, Laz has received a movie-themed box and a carnival-themed box.

KitNipBox gets the most points from me for their amazing customer service. They get back to me ASAP when I email, and they’re always friendly. They’re also super active on social media and love seeing kitties playing with their KitNipBoxes!


Image via catladybox

I’m going to be real here — I reached out to CatLadyBox multiple times via email and social media about reviewing their box, and they never once got back to me. It’s not a good look if you ask me. (Hey CatLadyBox, hit me up if you want to mend fences:

Lack of customer service aside, CatLadyBox is a cool pet subscription box. Their basic CatLadyBox plan ($34.99/month) actually includes items just for cat mommas — cat-themed jewelry, shirts, accessories, and home decor. If you do want items for your kitty, you can choose the $39.99/month CRAZY CatLadyBox plan — you’ll receive your usual two to three cat-themed items, plus two items for your furry friend. You also have the option of sending either of these boxes as a gift to a fellow crazy cat lady.

CatLadyBox is also charitable — they donate a portion of all profits to cat rescue organizations each month.

The Cat Kit

Editor’s Note: The Cat Kit no longer has a subscription option, but they still offer adorable themed boxes – including a Mystery Box.

Image via thecatkit

The Cat Kit was another cat subscription box that never got back to me, despite me reaching out multiple times. (Again, email me; it’s not too late.)

Similar to CatLadyBox, The Cat Kit includes items for both you and your cat. There’s one plan, and it’s $34.95 per month. You receive two to four cat-themed items for yourself, plus two to three toys and/or accessories for your cat. They have cute themes each month, like “The Brunch Kit, “The Spring Cleaning Kit,” and “The Valentine Kit.” So if you have an Insta-kitty on your hands, The Cat Kit is a good option for you.

My Purrfect Gift Box

Image via MyPurrfectGiftBox

My Purrfect Gift Box is the one and only cat subscription box in the UK (yes, they do ship worldwide). For $22.95 a month, you receive three to five cat-themed gifts (ranging from home decor, jewelry, stationary, treats, and beauty products) for just yourself. For $29.95 a month, you receive three to five cat-themed gifts for yourself, plus two to three toys and/or treats for your cat. Bonus: A portion of every My Purrfect Gift Box subscription goes to support UK cat charities, rescue centers, and animal shelters.

You can also shop from past boxes and send boxes as gifts (they have three-month and six-month options). But the coolest thing about My Purrfect Gift Box? They specifically point out that although their products are mostly for women, “cat gentleman” can contact them and ask for male-specific items. Major points for being inclusive — I know plenty of “crazy cat ladies” who are men.

Paw Print Club

Editor’s Note: Paw Print Club seems to be out of business.

Paw Print Club is a brand new cat subscription box that sends your kitty toys and treats with their $25/month Paw Print Club Basic Box. With their $40/month Paw Print Club Premium Box, however, you receive toys and treats for your cat as well as one to two cat-themed items (jewelry, apparel, mugs, home decor, etc.) for yourself. Most of the goodies included in the box are exclusive to Paw Print Club, so you can’t find them in other stores — but they do sell them in their shop! You can also give either of their box options as a gift.

Paw Print Club has an awesome return policy as well — if you (or your kitty) don’t like the items you’ve received, just send it back and they’ll send you a different cat toy!

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Last modified on November 18th, 2019

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