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10 Struggles Every New Puppy Owner Faces

10 Struggles Every New Pet Owner Faces
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Puppy-dom is a beautiful, amazing, snuggly adventure. Anyone with a dog will tell you coming home to their furry friend is the best part of their day. Your puppy is the smartest, prettiest, and most magnificent of them all, and you wouldn’t change a single thing.

The joy doesn’t come free of struggles though. It’s a major life shift when you bring your puppy home. These are the struggles every new puppy owner will inevitably face.

1. Leaving Your Puppy Alone

It doesn’t get any easier, it doesn’t matter what exciting thing you’re doing, and the guilt eats you alive daily. When you have a puppy, you dream of being a stay-at-home dog parent, or at least having a job that allows you to bring them with you every day.



2. Constantly Moving Things Out of Reach

Even the tidiest of people struggle with this. Suddenly, you have to look at things through your puppy’s eyes to determine what looks tasty and fun to tear up. You spend every moment of the day picking up and hiding things from your puppy.

3. Running Outside Every 30 Minutes

Those puppy bladders are small, so you’re constantly running outside to let them relieve themselves. You can’t complete any task without at least one bathroom break. You might as well leave your shoes on.



4. The Puppy Teeth

Your hands and feet are covered in bite marks for months. It hurts, but it’s simply the price you pay to play with your pup. You cling to the hope that your puppy will grow out of it at some point.

5. Lack of Sleep

Those bladders don’t shut off at night, so you’re still up and outside for a bathroom break every thirty minutes. If you’re lucky you might get a full hour between them. Tired is an understatement.

6. Planning Your Schedule Around Your Pup

You have to work your whole life around when your puppy needs to go outside, when he needs to eat, and simply having quality time with him. It can be a hassle, but not because you don’t love your puppy. It’s a hassle because other people, like your boss, simply don’t understand your new priorities.



7. Kissing All Your Extra Money Goodbye

You don’t regret it, but your parents will lecture you about it. Maybe it’s not the most responsible thing, but seeing the joy on your pup’s face as he plays with those new toys or chews on that new bone or wears that new bandana is so worth not feeding yourself for two weeks.

8. Coming Up With Fake, Non-Puppy-Related Excuses Not to Go Out

Your friends only accept “Sorry, I’m staying in with my dog” so many times. So you have to dedicate a lot of brainpower to making up new, believable excuses.



9. People Getting Tired of Hearing About Your Puppy

They also get tired of seeing photos and videos, and even though you know they’re irritated with you, you can’t stop. It’s puppy word vomit that simply can’t be swallowed. LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS WITH THIS TOY.

10. Wrestling With Your Puppy in the Bath

It seems difficult when your puppy is small, but it only gets worse when you have to use your entire body weight to wrestle him in the bath and hold him there while you try to rub soap over him with one hand. Don’t even get me started on trying to rinse him off.

Last modified on January 15th, 2019

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