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I Used a Standing Desk for a Week & Loved Every Minute of It

I Used a Standing Desk for a Week & Loved Every Minute of It
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Sitting at a desk all day can be a bore, not to mention a pain in the back, neck, and hips. Not all offices offer alternatives to the traditional desk unfortunately, but there’s no denying your body needs a break from the sitting position. This is where a standing desk really comes in handy.

I won’t go through all the studies and facts about how sitting for long periods of time wreaks havoc on your hot bod, but I am going to tell you about my experience using a standing desk for a week.

I chose to use the Flexispot Compact Series Standing Desk Converter (in white, of course, because it’s chic af). It was super easy to set up. I literally just set it on my existing desk and pulled the lever on the side to lift the desk. Although I would like to note that it’s a heavy sucker and I had to get Elise to help me pick it up. I may have also tricked two other co-workers into pulling it out of the giant box for me by saying I didn’t think they were strong enough. Dance, little puppets.

I Used a Standing Desk for a Week & Loved Every Minute of It

The Basics

Setting it up was super simple. This standing desk is called a converter because it can be lifted high for you to stand, and also collapses back down for the days when you want to sit instead. Because we have an open office here, this was a lifesaver for those times when there was a lot of activity and I needed to escape behind a monitor to stay focused. In the whole week that I used this desk, I never once was worried about the stability of it — which is good because my computer is way too expensive to put at risk.

Some other fun things to note: there’s a slot at the front of the desk where you can place your phone or tablet for easy reading/access, the keyboard folds up if you want it out of the way, and the keyboard can also be easily removed should you not want it at all. This desk also comes in three color options (black, brown, and white).

I Used a Standing Desk for a Week & Loved Every Minute of It

Did it Enhance My Physical Health?

While I only tried it for a week before writing this, I think it did. My hips weren’t bothering me as much as they usually do, and I burned a few more calories than I normally do. It did make me painfully aware of my poor posture, so I’ve been trying to be better about that ever since. I also used an active sitting stool with this desk.

This stool, the Ergo Stool, is actually a blast. I spent about three hours rocking around on it, testing out my balance, and just generally avoiding work by messing around with it. When I actually got down to business though, it did come in handy when I wanted to stand but also needed a spot to perch. With a mobile base, this stool allows you to lean back on it while still mostly standing, and when you sit on it fully you have to engage your core and back muscles in order to stay upright.

The first two days were a major shock to my body too. I wasn’t used to engaging those muscle groups for so long while working, so I felt the burn. I consider myself a very active, very fit person, but standing at work and using this stool when I was sitting challenged my muscles in new ways.

I Used a Standing Desk for a Week & Loved Every Minute of It

How Did it Impact My Work?

After I adjusted to the newness and learned to block out all the new things in my line of sight, standing while I worked was really energizing. I found myself writing articles faster and being more energetic as I worked on social media. I didn’t feel quite as despondent during the afternoon slump and even skipped my afternoon Mio Energy fix.

Up front, this desk and stool both seem too expensive for the benefit. Yes, they are expensive (around $300 for the standing desk, and around $100 for the stool), but ultimately the payout for your health is worth it. When you think about how expensive it is for health care when you’re older and your body is breaking down, that $400 dollars isn’t much at all. Personally, I’d rather pay that now, build a stronger and healthier body to carry me through life, and not have to pay thousands for physical therapy or chiropractic care when I’m older and my body is worn out.

Last modified on January 15th, 2019

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