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Things to Keep at Your Desk to Maximize Productivity

things to keep at your desk to maximize productivity
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No matter how much you are in love with your career, you’re probably going to struggle with productivity and motivation at some point. Burnout and desk boredom can happen to even the most passionate of employees. Sometimes the cure requires a vacation or a day off, but most often your productivity issues can be solved with a few easy additions to your desk. I believe that the best way to get sh*t done and stay on top of your life is to be prepared for every eventuality. “Be prepared or die” is basically my life motto, and I can assure you that this motto has helped me survive every catastrophe (like an early visit from Aunt Flow or brand new shoes turning against my tender feet) without missing a beat at work.

When you’re feeling sluggish, a simple snack and light caffeine boost can turn the afternoon around in a jiffy. When you’re flat out BORED and uninspired, your favorite playlist and some headphones can create some fresh energy for you. Almost any kind of discomfort, like being too hot or too cold, can be fixed by keeping the appropriate tools stored at your desk. Here’s my complete list of every single thing you should keep at your desk to increase your productivity and improve your overall work day.

For Temperature Control

things to keep in your desk - temp control

For When You Need an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

things to keep in your desk - pick me up

For Optimizing Your Organization

things to keep at your desk - organization

For Making Your Desk Feel Like Home Away From Home

things to keep in your desk - home away from home

For When You Get Hangry

things to keep at your desk - hunger

For Taking Care of Any (Small) Health Emergency or Wardrobe Malfunction

things to keep at your desk - health beauty emergencies

For When You Need a Confidence Boost

things to keep at your desk - confidence boost

Last modified on January 15th, 2019

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