The Ultimate Sailor Moon Gift Guide

The Ultimate Sailor Moon Gift Guide

Sailor Moon has been around for 25+ years now, and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I grew up watching Meatball Head and the Sailor Scouts, playing Sailor Moon at recess with my friends, and having multiple Sailor Moon-themed birthday parties. Even now that I’m 25 (yes, she’s been around literally as long as I’ve been alive), my favorite gifts are always Sailor Moon-themed.

Whether it’s a Sailor Moon wine glass or mug, Luna slippers, a bunny throw blanket, or Sailor Scout socks, this list makes it easier than ever to get the Moonie in your life some cool Sailor Moon merch. So make your Moonie happy with one of these kawaii Sailor Moon gifts!

Moonie Drinkware

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moonies

Fighting Evil by Moonlight Mug, $15.99* on Amazon
Sailor Moon Wine Glass, $10 on Etsy
Luna Cat Face Thermos, $14.99* on Amazon
Luna & Artemis Mug Set, $29.99* on Amazon
Moonbucks Coffee Mug, $11.54* on Amazon
Moon Stick Bottle Opener, $12.47* on Amazon

Sorry, Starbucks. You’ve officially been replaced by Moonbucks. #sorrynotsorry

Moonie Stationery

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moonies

Sailor Moon Black & White Spiral Notebook, $12 at Redbubble
Sailor Moon Watercolor Hardcover Journal, $18.34 at Redbubble
Sailor Moon 2018 Monthly Planner, $32.99* on Amazon (Only 2 left in stock!)
Sailor Moon Crystal Eyes Hardcover Journal, $20 at Redbubble

Guys, there’s a Sailor Moon planner. My life is literally complete.

Moonie Bags & Wallets

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moonies

Luna Backpack, $29.99* on Amazon (Only 1 left in stock!)
Luna & Artemis Handbags, $16.79* and up on Amazon
Luna & Artemis Wallet, $25.99* on Amazon
Sailor Moon Uniform Wallet, $12.99* on Amazon

Am I too old to wear a Luna backpack? No? K, good.

Moonie Decor

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moonies

Sailor Moon 1992 Acryclic Block, $25+ on Redbubble
Moon Bunny Clock, $32.50 on Redbubble
Sailor Scouts Watercolor Art Prints, $19.97* on Amazon
Sailor Moon Watercolor Canvas Print, $48+ at Redbubble
Fight Like a Girl Canvas Print, $52+ at Redbubble

BRB, redecorating my entire apartment with this Sailor Moon decor. Not even remotely joking, the 1992 acrylic block is in my cart right now because how genius is that????

Moonie Phone Accessories

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moonies

Moon Stick iPhone Case, $9.95* on Amazon
Luna iPhone Case, $12.45* on Amazon
Sailor Moon Glitter iPhone Case, $9.98* on Amazon
Luna Phone Kickstand, $1.98* on Amazon
Sailor Moon Phone Kickstand, $20* on Amazon

Can you say stocking stuffer??????? (Mom, if you’re reading this, I NEED the Luna phone kickstand. IT’S TWO DOLLARS.)

Moonie Laptop Sleeves

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moonies

Usagi Blanket Laptop Sleeve, $35 at Redbubble
Luna Laptop Sleeve, $37.05 at Redbubble
Fight Like a Girl Laptop Sleeve, $35 at Redbubble

I’ll take one of everything with “Fight Like a Girl” on it TBH.

Moonie Clothing

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moonies


Luna Faux Thigh High Tights, $14.90* on Amazon
“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink & Fight Evil” Leggings, $38.33 at Redbubble
Luna V-Neck, $25.40 at Redbubble
Sailor Scouts Socks, $11.85* on Amazon
Sailor Moon Kitty Slippers, $19.95 at Family Avenue

Redbubble has hundreds of options for Sailor Moon leggings and tees. So I hope you didn’t have anything else planned the rest of the day.

Moonie Bedding

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Moonies

Sailor Moon Bunny Duvet Cover, $89.59+ at Redbubble
Luna P Pillow, $20.84+ at Redbubble
Crystal Brooch Throw Pillow, $20.14+ at Redbubble
Luna Throw Pillow, $20.34+ at Redbubble
Sailor Moon Bunny Fleece Throw, $33.95* on Amazon

Buy the bunny blanket. It’s what Usagi would do.

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