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9 Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

I love my laptop, but what I love more is accessorizing it to have my own personal style. I mean, I hate using touch pads, so a mouse is a must-have. Earbuds? Uh, yeah. Here are some cute-but-functional laptop accessories you need to complete your desk setup.

Laptop sleeves are obviously also a must, but we’ve compiled the best of the best in a separate article, which you can check out here.

QearFun Stereo Earbuds

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessoriesv

QearFun Stereo Earbuds, $7.98* and up on Amazon

Great earbuds are an absolute necessity, and these designs are adorable. Plus, there are several designs in different colors that will vibe with your style.

What you’ll like: These earbuds work with Galaxy and Apple products and have pretty good-quality sound.

What you might not: The design on the pouch can become smudged easily.

NNEWVANTE Laptop Cooling Pad

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

NNEWVANTE Laptop Cooling Pad, $38.99* on Amazon

You know when you use your laptop a big too long and it starts to burn your thighs? This bamboo laptop cooling pad will fix that issue. It’s environmentally friendly and goes with nearly anything.

What you’ll like: This laptop cooling pad will hold your laptop in place; plus, it comes in various sizes, and works great.

What you might not: It doesn’t feel comfortable in the lap, making it better for a desk.

Inphic Mini Rechargable USB Mouse

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

inphic Rechargeable Wireless Mouse, $9.99* on Amazon

A mini USB mouse is a must if you hate using a laptop touchpad. Inphic’s mini USB mouse is responsive and perfect for those working or studying on-the-go.

What you’ll like: Inphic is extremely affordable and has few different colors, although the rose gold one is best IMO. Note: I’m biased and love anything gold or rose gold.

What you might not: The mouse is very thin and may break easily.

French Bulldog Sticker

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

French Bulldog Laptop Sticker, $5.91* on Amazon

Nothing is better than decorating your laptop with cute animals, like this French Bulldog. This sticker goes nearly anywhere and sticks easily.

What you’ll love: This sticker securely fits on your laptop and is durable, so it won’t just scrape right off.

What you might not: It may require a little elbow grease to get the sticker on your laptop.

Watercolor Peony Sticker

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

Watercolor Peony Laptop Sticker, $6.99* on Amazon

Not a fan of doggos? The design of this watercolor peony sticker is beautiful and fits perfectly on most laptops.

What you’ll like: It’s easy to apply and lasts three to five years.

What you might not: It may fade and have the same issues as the other sticker — it may not release from the backing easily.

Laptop Hard Shell

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

KEC MacBook Hard Shell, $19.99* on Amazon

Color is what makes the world go ‘round, but some laptops are just so dull and plain without the proper laptop accessories. You can buy a hard shell cover to bring a pop of color to your life. These hard shell cases are beautiful and come in several designs.

What you’ll like: The designs are incredibly vibrant, but also thin, so it doesn’t weigh down your laptop.

What you might not: They’re only for MacBooks, and the price is a little steep.

Laptop Keyboard Cover

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

CaseBuy Macbook Pro Keyboard Cover Skin, $7.89* on Amazon

If you spill something on your keyboard, it’ll fry. If you’re using a laptop keyboard cover, you don’t have to worry about it. CaseBuy keyboard covers come in tons of colors, including this rainbow keyboard cover.

What you’ll like: The wide variety of colors and the price of these keyboard covers.

What you might not: It only fits HP 15-inch laptops of certain models. The company makes several different sizes, so you may be able to find the design for your laptop, but it may take some digging.

Macbook Keyboard Cover

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

Mosiso Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro 13-Inch, $6.90* on Amazon

MacBook lovers – I got you. Mosiso makes keyboard covers that also come in a variety of colors that apply perfectly to your Mac.

What you’ll like: The price and the snug fit. Plus, it makes your typing almost silent.

What you might not: A few reviews say that the keyboard cover warps over time.

Wireless Mouse

Cute-but-Functional Laptop Accessories

Jelly Comb Slim Wireless Mouse, $9.95* on Amazon

Simplicity and minimalism are the two best words to describe Jelly Comb’s wireless mouse. It works great with laptops and is easy to stuff in a laptop bag or sleeve.

What you’ll like: It’s thicker to make it easier to hold and is soft to the touch.

What you might not: According to reviews, this mouse isn’t 100% responsive.

*Price as of 10/26/18

Last modified on October 26th, 2018

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