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ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner Review

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner Review
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The key to a successful educational experience is organization. When it comes to juggling assignments and due dates for multiple classes, the best way to stay organized is by using a planner. Not just any planner will do the trick, though. If you want something that will truly benefit your educational performance, then you need a student planner designed with classes in mind. The specific demands of classes require very specific features of a student planner. Not many meet the requirements, but the ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner is one of the elite few that do.

This student planner, available in college edition, high school edition, and now even middle school edition, is dedicated to enhancing the organizational experience of students so that they have an easier time remembering due dates, completing their schoolwork on time, and accomplishing their academic and professional goals.

Planner Specs

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner Review

The ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner is thin and lightweight, which makes it an ideal candidate to carry around in a backpack. It runs from August through June the following year and ends with a monthly calendar for July. The paper is light but thick enough that bleeding through isn’t an issue with most pens, and the planner is wire bound to make it easy to open and close.

Because this planner is focused on schoolwork, the overall design, both inside and out, is clean and simple. The cover is available in eight colors and designs, with the option of the year in large print.

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner Review

At the beginning of the planner, there’s a space to list all of your classes for each semester or trimester. There’s also room to list any goals you have for that school year overall.

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner Review

The Weekly Layout

The ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner has a vertical weekly layout. It begins with Monday and ends with the weekend. Each weekday has a full column to itself, and Saturday and Sunday split a column. The weekday columns have specific sections for different things so that students can easily fill in the most important things on their lists. Each column starts with a “Remember to” section that has three blank lines. This is where they can write important tasks related to their school work or personal life for each day. Following this is a gray box for any quizzes, exams, papers, or projects that are due that day. There’s room for four items to be written here.

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner Review

A large part of each column is dedicated to assignments. This is where students can write down assignments that have either been assigned that day or are due that day. There’s plenty of room for all of the assignments either way. For example, it’s easy to write out all of the reading assignments in an English literature course or all of the math problems that need to be completed.

At the very bottom of the column is where the college and high school editions differ; the college layout has a section devoted to your “Daily Plan,” whereas the high school layout has more room for your assignments, as well as a section called “Activities.”

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner Review

The column for the weekend is very different. Saturday’s section is at the top, and it just has a blank lined space. Sunday follows directly below and is the same. Below Sunday is a to-do box with five lines. This can be used to write down to-dos for the whole week or just for the weekend, depending on the student’s needs.

Finally, in the bottom right-hand corner is a countdown for students to fill in how many days until a certain event. This can be used to count down the days left until a large assignment is due, finals week, spring break, or even a specialized test, like the SAT.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner is a great planner for high school and college students who want/need a little extra structure in their organizational system. It has room for all the important stuff students need to remember and track and nothing that will be distracting or overwhelming for them. It’s an ideal planner for junior high and high school students to use so they can learn the importance of being organized and productive before heading off to college.

Updated August 22, 2023.

Last modified on August 22nd, 2023

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