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Erin Condren Hardbound LifePlanner Review

Erin Condren Hardbound LifePlanner Review
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The LifePlanner by Erin Condren is a planner icon. Everyone in the planner community knows what a LifePlanner is even if they haven’t used one themselves. Over the years, the LifePlanner has undergone some upgrades and received new designs for everyone to enjoy; however, there had never been a complete redesign. Not until 2017.

Erin Condren rolled out a  new LifePlanner that’s hardbound and comes in two different size options. If you’re completely committed to the classic spiral bound LifePlanner, don’t freak out; it’s still available. This LifePlanner is simply another option for those who want a different planner size or would prefer a hardbound tool over a coil bound. Keep in mind, though, this newer version isn’t a carbon copy of the classic. It’s a powerful planner in its own right.

The Specs

erin condren hardbound lifeplanner

Here’s what you need to know about the basics of the Hardbound LifePlanner: It comes in four cover options. All of which are a solid color with a classic Erin Condren flower in the top right corner. You can choose between white, black, pink, and teal, and each one has a unique design on the inside. The planner also comes in two sizes: 5×8 and 8×10. The 5×8 is a horizontal weekly layout and the 8×10 is a vertical weekly layout. Unfortunately, you don’t get to mix and match the sizes and layouts.

The Changeserin condren hardbound lifeplanner

As with all revamps, some things had to change in order to make the hardbound LifePlanner work. Namely, there’s the lack of folder. The classic LifePlanner has always come with a fantastic folder at the back to hold everything (and once upon a time there was a zip pocket included as well. RIP), but the hardbound is folderless. This can present a bit of an issue for some, however, it’s always an option to purchase the stick-on folders from Erin Condren.

Since there’s no coil to attach a snap-in bookmark to, Erin Condren has included a helpful ribbon bookmark to save your place. The hardbound LifePlanner spans 18 months, so it’s easy to get lost in it as time goes on, and a bookmark is a small saving grace each day.

The Constants

erin condren hardbound lifeplanner

Thankfully, this revamp didn’t completely change the design and feel of Erin Condren’s LifePlanner. You still get all the beautiful colors (if you choose the colorful design option instead of the neutral option), inspiring quotes, and the signature Erin Condren aesthetic. There’s still a plethora of notes pages in the back for you to take advantage of (lines, dotted, and blank) and a two-page spread to plan the coming year after the planner ends. The hardbound LifePlanner might have a new look on the outside, but it’s still a LifePlanner on the inside. That makes it the best of both worlds.

The Ideal Owner

Who is this Hardbound LifePlanner ideal for? Well, like the classic LifePlanner, it can work for anyone. Since there are two different sizes to choose from, the larger planner is really best for those who want to leave their planner at their desk and the smaller is ideal for anyone who wants a planner to carry around with them. An 8×10 hardbound planner isn’t exactly subtle (or lightweight), so I don’t recommend toting it around inside a purse.

All of that aside, this LifePlanner is still ideal for students. The flexible layouts are perfect for students in high school and college who have weird schedules and a ton of assignments to keep track of. Of course, it pairs wonderfully with Erin Condren’s academic planner for those busy, over-achieving students who need to keep track of their extracurriculars on top of a full class load.

The hardbound LifePlanner is at a lower price point than the spiral bound option at only $30 for the 5×8 size and $35 for the 8×10 size. If you want your planner personalized, there is an extra $5 charge.

*Unfortunately, the hardbound LifePlanner is no longer available!

*Updated December 4, 2023.

Last modified on December 4th, 2023

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