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Erin Condren Hardbound Notebook Review

erin condren hardbound notebook
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Erin Condren already has a lock on colorful, customizable planners and notebooks. It’s hard to think there’s anything else they could possibly come up with, but as usual, they like to surprise us. Now, they have a streamlined and beautiful hardbound notebook in their already-stacked lineup.

erin condren hardbound notebook

These notebooks are a little different than the wire-bound ones we’ve all come to love, which makes them an excellent addition to your desk. These are straight-up lined on the inside—meaning there aren’t any extras (like grid pages or stickers). They’re great for just regular note-taking on the fly. In fact, they were envisioned as the notebook you throw into your bag for those random note-taking emergencies we all have in our daily lives. They’re a compliment to Erin Condren’s LifePlanner and regular notebooks, and are meant to make it easier for you to log information you’ll need until you can get back to your planner or computer to write that information down in a permanent place.

We were lucky enough to get an advance copy of this darling little notebook, so here are my thoughts.

You CAN Judge This Book by Its Cover

As far as hardbound notebooks go, you can’t ask for something much more substantial. The hardcover is thick and sturdy, so it’s perfect for when you have to write in the notebook while standing or something else inconvenient. It has a velvety feel to it even though it’s built like a brick house. The notebook also comes with a satin ribbon bookmark to mark your place (which also color coordinates with the color of the notebook), but there’s no folder or elastic band included. That is something to keep in mind when you purchase this notebook.

erin condren hardbound notebook

Unlike other Erin Condren notebooks, you don’t have quite as many options for the cover. You can only choose between 10 colors — but you can still personalize it (like adding your name to the cover) for a small fee. The cover is super clean and simple, with only an understated design in the top right-hand corner, so if you prefer things neat and clean, you’ll love the aesthetic. The paper is the same thick, high-quality you’ve come to expect from Erin Condren, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite pens or markers bleeding through.

Hardbound Notebook for a Fast-Paced Life

As I mentioned earlier, this notebook is meant to be your on-the-go companion. With that in mind, Erin Condren made it smaller—about the size of an A5 so it can conveniently slide into pretty much every purse you own and won’t take up a ton of room in your backpack either. Whether you’re taking it with you to the grocery store or an impromptu meeting, it won’t be a burden for you to carry around. And at only $15, you really can’t beat it for the quality.

erin condren hardbound notebook

2018 Update: Dot Grid Pages

Erin Condren Hardbound Notebook

If you prefer a more customizable layout, Erin Condren now offers the Hardbound Notebook with dot grid pages!

Suppose you’re looking for a notebook that will help you keep things organized on the fly and provide a space to store all of those brilliant ideas popping up in your head at the most inconvenient moments. In that case, this hardbound notebook from Erin Condren is the one you need. You can check out more about this little gem of a writing tool by searching the hashtag #ECHBnotebook.

*Unfortunately, the hardbound notebook from Erin Condren is no longer available!

*Updated December 4, 2023.

Last modified on December 4th, 2023

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