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Plum Deluxe Tea Club: A Tea Subscription Box Focused on Self-Care

plum deluxe tea club
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Subscription boxes that have food or drinks are the best, am I right? Sure, beauty boxes like Ipsy and Sephora Play are great, but now you can subscribe to get something new to drink each month that’s actually healthy. Plum Deluxe Tea Club is a tea subscription box that sends you something healthy while promoting self-care. Who doesn’t need a little time to themselves every now and again?

plum deluxe tea club

While I was in college, I took self-care for granted by avoiding it at all costs. Yeah, it didn’t go as well as I wanted. I got sick constantly and spent my final hours sitting in the library drinking tea, sniffling, sneezing, and writing a 15-page essay.

So it’s great to see a subscription box that promotes this concept. Self-care might seem so simple at first that it’s easy to blow it off, but stress can lead to a weakened immune system and even hair loss! Maybe that’s why you feel under the weather when deadlines are coming up?

What is Plum Deluxe Tea Club?

For $10 per month, Plum Deluxe Tea Club sends one ounce of organic tea in the mail, which makes around 15-20 cups of tea. If you absolutely adore tea, you can try two flavors for just $16 per month, which gives you another full ounce of organic tea. In addition to your subscription, you get a sample of another tea that makes about one cup that is an extraordinary flavor.

What I love most about Plum Deluxe Tea Club is the fact it’s about more than just tea. In my subscription, I received a Playbook that informed me about my special tea, showed me what self-care means, and encourages the community to reach out.

plum deluxe tea club

See, Plum Deluxe Tea Club is more than just a tea subscription box — it’s a way to meet other tea lovers and talk about what you love. The Playbook also includes recipes for tea and vegan desserts, descriptions on tea from other countries, and hobbies (like knitting).

One final thing I enjoy about Plum Deluxe Tea Club is that the company really cares about their customers. All the teas are made with organic ingredients — no chemicals here! They also avoid sending customers with allergies things that could harm them, and while flipping away in the Playbook, I found a page solely dedicated to members that have been subscribed for a year. That may not mean much now, but after being subscribed for Birchbox for a year, all I got was a busted box.

The Samples

I received three samples in my bag including the small one-cup extraordinary tea. The organic tea included:

  • Celebration Darjeeling Tea: Darjeeling tea, green tea, rose hips, strawberry extract, and champagne grape extract
  • A Dark Night Orange Spice Puerh: Puerh tea, cinnamon bark, orange peel, ginger root, hibiscus, rose hips, anise, safflower, and orange essence
  • Self-Care Blend Herbal Tea: Honeybush tea, elderberries, apricots, apple pieces, marigold, and apricot essence

plum deluxe tea club

When you subscribe, each month you’ll get a special blend of teas that are specialized just for you and the season. This month was “A Dark Night Orange Spice Puerh” tea, which oddly enough I’ve never tried Puerh tea.

It was designed for long, dark days when maybe snow kept you inside. It was certainly warm and comfortable. It had a strong hibiscus and anise taste, which I normally dislike (since I hate anise), but I absolutely adored this tea. The only unfortunate thing is that you cannot purchase the monthly tea on the website, but there is one really similar called Rainy Day Puerh. That’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s 100% why subscribing is so beneficial, among other reasons.

The other tea I received was Celebration Darjeeling Tea, which I adored. I love Darjeeling, and it started my love affair with tea years ago. This one is extremely light, similar to green tea, and includes rose hips, strawberry extract, and champagne grape extract. I could definitely taste the strawberries in this, making me think it’d be a great iced summer tea. It’s my favorite of the bunch and puts every Teavana mixture to shame.

Finally, the Self-Care Blend Herbal Tea was incredibly unique. It was mixed with Honeybush tea, which I found was sweet on its own. I found myself not needing extra honey in the cup, which says a lot since I add a teaspoon to every cup of any other mixture. It was extremely light, which I love, and had fantastic flavors like elderberries, apricots, and apples.

The Verdict: Is Plum Deluxe Tea Club Worth It?

I absolutely loved every sample that I got from this tea subscription box. I tried new teas, found that I loved new flavors, and was introduced to an odd blend I thought I hated. I learned that it really does matter who blends the tea, and the master blender at Plum Deluxe knows that they’re doing.

plum deluxe tea club

Each flavor is expertly crafted with unique flavors to give you a one of a kind experience that stands out from other teas. I used to visit Teavana on a regular basis, but now Plum Deluxe Tea Club has won me over as a customer.

Last modified on January 11th, 2018

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