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Deskorations: Intern Desk Essentials

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Being an intern isn’t always easy, especially when you’re first starting out. The business world is demanding and fast-paced, which most of us aren’t used to (I sure wasn’t). To help yourself settle into your job, it’s important to be armed with everything that you need to get shit done. Here are all the things I wish I’d thought of when I first started as an intern.

1. A Container for Your Life Juice

3dRose Best Intern Ever Two Tone Black Mug

Whatever your life juice is, be it coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa, you’re going to be needing to drink some (and by some I mean a lot) of it to stay awake and motivated during those long days at the office, so why not do it in style? You can walk around feeling sassy and confident with this mug. You’ll be letting everyone know that you’re THE intern and you’re ready to tackle anything and everything they throw at you.

2. A Home for Your Laptop

iDOO Matte Case for MacBook Air White Marble

Your laptop will also become an extension of yourself as an intern, since it’s what you’ll be staring at for most of the work day. Now if I’m going to be looking at something for 7+ hours a day, I’d like it to be cute (or at the very least more colorful than slate gray). So, get yourself a cute, colorful laptop cover that’ll keep you alert and typing away.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend getting one that’s super expensive because you’re apt to change your style choices; it’s best to buy something that you’ll like for a year or two, and then you can switch it out and not have to feel like you’re wasting money.

3. A Source of Motivation

Happiness Is… 2017 Daily Calendar

For the days when work is just too much! Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up at work, and this happiness calendar is perfect for lifting your spirits. Not only is this motivational calendar helpful for keeping your days straight, but it’ll also help keep things in perspective. So while you might have a monstrous workload, you’ll be reminded of the many other positive things you should be focusing on as well.

4. A Place to Take Lots of Notes

Erin Condren Spiral Notebook

You’re going to need something to keep track of all the lists, notes, and tips that you’re given in meetings, emails, and quick chats with your supervisors. Get a notebook that matches your personal style, and make sure you’re proud to carry it around literally everywhere (because you will). When I first started as an intern I had nothing but a pen and a pack of small sticky notes — which obviously didn’t cut it when it came to taking notes in meetings and brainstorming ideas. Now I’m a planner addict with two notebooks!

5. Something to Take Notes With

Like a Boss Pencils

What’s a notebook without something to write in it? These pencils remind you that you can do your job like a boss (even when you feel like you’re drowning). Hello, motivation!

6. A Home for Your Pens

Nate Berkus Pencil Holder, Gold | Nate Berkus Hammered Pencil Cup

Trust me when I say this, you’ll need a pencil holder. While the name is “pencil holder” it’s really used for everything from pens to paper clips (and everything in between). Your desk is going to look messy if you just have a bunch of pencils, pens, and highlighters spread out everywhere — and that clutter is just going to distract you from your work. These cute pencil holders will add some style to your desk while also being functional.

7. A Home for Your Mouse

Like a Boss Mouse Pad

Add some color to your desk with this motivational mousepad. This will serve as a reminder to be a total boss—and we all need a little encouragement every once in awhile. This accessory will be the envy of everyone in the office.

8. A Place to Organize Your Day

Erin Condren Life PlannerEmily Ley Simplified PlannerDay Designer Flagship Planner

You can’t go wrong with any of these planners, especially from a simplistic and organizational standpoint. A planner is a necessity as an intern because there’s no easy way to keep track of all of the things you have to do in your head without one. You’re bound to forget something, and when your boss freaks on you, you’ll wish you had one of these.

You can use your planner for much more than just keeping up with dates and times, too. It can be used to map out your whole month or brainstorm ideas for presentations, pitches, or articles. I religiously used my planner throughout my internship and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it (spoiler: I’d probably just be insanely unorganized and rarely get things turned in on time).

Pro tip: each of these planners are different and are built to fit the needs of certain types of people, so make sure you take the time to look through the features of each instead of impulse buying the first pretty one you see on the screen.

9. A Place to Take Quick Notes

Knock Knock Note Pads

When you don’t want to clutter your already-full planner with a million to-do lists, these sticky notes will come in handy — especially if you don’t have a planner that has a built-in to-do section. And even if you do, they’re just another way to stay organized (the more the merrier!). And the best thing about sticky notes? They’re completely portable, so you can tear one off and put it in your planner or stick it to your computer so you won’t forget.

10. Something to Block Out the Noise

Rose Gold Headphones

Sometimes the office gets loud, like really loud — especially if you work in an open office setting. If you’re like me and can’t work in a noisy environment, then you’re going to want to have headphones handy. You’ll be able to work away without getting a headache from straining to concentrate (especially during lunch). In addition, you can listen to work-related material — like podcasts or interviews — without disturbing your coworkers. I would also advise splurging on a nice pair of headphones that don’t hurt your ears after prolonged use and will last for years.

11. A Display of Your Favorite People

Memorable Dimension Single-Phote Frame in Gold

Bring a little personalization to your desk with a framed picture of you and your friends or family (or even both!). I know it’s always comforting to see a smiling picture of the people I love when I’m having a bad day. (And bonus: it keeps your co-workers from thinking that you have no life.) It’ll give you a good chance to share a little about yourself and learn about others when they visit your desk. Also, this particular frame will make your desk look that much more fabulous.

12. Juice for Your Phone

iHome External Battery Pack for Smartphones

I can’t tell you how many times my phone has died while I was at work. Granted, that’s because I forget to charge it most of the time. But no matter how on top you are of charging your phone, one day it’ll die and you’ll be thankful to have a charger. This portable charger is nice because you can take it anywhere. If you need your phone for a long meeting, you can plug it in without having to worry about cords or finding an outlet. Having a portable phone charger is a lifesaver — and the fact that this one is super cute is just an added bonus.

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Last modified on January 9th, 2018

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