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The 7 Best Podcasts By Women, For Women

The 7 Best Podcasts By Women, For Women
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

The popularity of podcasts has boomed in recent years, and now there are so many it feels like too much work to sift through the iTunes recommendations. Good news—we sifted for you, so now all you have to do is go subscribe and download the ones you want to listen to.

This list has podcasts meant to guide women through the hurdles of life, including career decisions, relationship troubles, women’s issues, and the constant struggle to do, balance, and have it all. You’ll see some familiar names, including Sophia Amoruso and Lo Bosworth, and some new ones, but each of these women and the special guests they host offer helpful information and support we all need to win our personal battles.

In fact, these podcasts feel will like your own little cheerleaders and muses helping you through the days.

1. GirlBoss Radio

As if the name Sophia Amoruso isn’t enough to convince you to download all of the “GirlBoss Radio” podcasts. In each one, Sophia interviews a powerful woman who’s done amazing things in her field, whether that be creative or corporate, about what they did to reach such amazing career milestones, how they balance life and work, and what they hope will happen in the future.

Like Sophia’s book #GIRLBOSS, the radio covers all of the aspects of life we experience as women so we can tackle it all like the bosses we are.

2. Glambition

For career advice, there’s no better podcast than “Glambition Radio.” Each week, host Ali Brown talks to other female entrepreneurs to provide readers with career advice and discuss the struggles all women face as they try to create successful careers. Whether you’re simply looking to become more savvy in the business world or receive some inspiration to climb the corporate ladder, “Glambition” has plenty of podcasts topics for you.

3. Lady Lovin’

If you loved Lo Bosworth’s blunt honesty in Laguna Beach and The Hills, you’ll love her new podcast “Lady Lovin’.” In conjunction with Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titelman, they cover it all with their special guests.

It’s not a perfectly coiffed podcast though. You’ll feel like you’re sitting right there listening to real conversations—the girls occasionally talk over each, veer off into unplanned topics, and laugh a lot. It’s refreshing and honest, which is what we all need when looking for the answers to positive body image and dealing with failure.

My personal favorite part: The sexploration segments. I mean come on, we’re all looking for answers and advice about sex.

4. Pardon My French

If you love French accents, style, and candid convos, then you’ll love the conversations Garance Dore shares on her podcast “Pardon My French.” The podcast is recently revived, so there are only a handful for you to catch up on, but new episodes come out every Thursday. “Pardon My French” delves into everything us women like to discuss, including chasing dreams, furthering our careers, figuring out what our clothing says about who we are, and seeking the lives we want to live.

5. Wellness Wonderland

It’s health-centric, but as busy women, health is something we all need a little bit more guidance in. “Wellness Wonderland” provides convos with founder Katie Dalebout and notable people in the health community. You’ll receive information regarding just about everything related to food, exercise, mental health, emotional stability, and balance in life. This podcast will shine positivity on your life and your mindset each time you hit play.

6. Uninterrupted by Women’s Health

If you’re an avid lover of Women’s Health magazine, you’ll quickly fall in love with their new podcast “Uninterrupted.” In the podcast, online senior editor Caitlin Abber covers all of the topics (politics, career, reproductive rights, and everything else you can think of) that are important to us as working females aiming to live healthy, successful lives. It’s serious, but not boring, and about more than sheer entertainment.

7. Earn Your Happy

Sometimes you need a break from the career-centric, loud, long podcasts. When that happens, “Earn Your Happy” is a great replacement. Lori Harder offers advice for building the happy life you deserve to live, and the best part is she offers “quickie” podcasts for those days when you simply don’t have an hour to listen to a podcast and don’t want to only listen to a portion of one. These podcasts are like loving pep talks from your mom over healthy living, risk taking, and self-empowerment.

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Last modified on February 5th, 2018

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