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10 Tricks to Instantly Make Yourself Happier

Woman drinks coffee
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Happiness comes when we start focusing on the positive aspects of life. Whether it comes from landing a date with the dreamy guy down the street, or something as small as taking notice of a beautiful flower in your yard, any positive experience serves as a catalyst for happiness. So what can be done to create positive experiences for ourselves? There are practical actions you can take to stimulate positive thought and make yourself instantly happier.

1. Start your morning with positive affirmations.

Look at yourself in the mirror and lists all the things you like about yourself. “My hair is on point today” or “I am a caring person.” It may feel silly at first, but the more comfortable you get with positive self-talk, the easier it will get to find aspects of yourself that make you happy.

2. Listen to happy music.

Put on something upbeat with a positive message, and if upbeat is not your style, put on something that makes you feel good. Music is an extremely powerful mood-setting tool.

3. Focus on your breathing.

Let’s face it, work is commonly the biggest source of stress in our busy lives. If you become overwhelmed or disheartened by everything you have to do, take a moment to close your eyes and take 8 deep breaths. You’ll find that this focus on slowly and deeply breathing releases endorphins that reduce stress.

4. Learn something new.

Pick a topic you are genuinely interested in and take a few minutes to explore it. Purchase a book about the topic or check out articles on the internet. You must be sure to pick something you actually enjoy learning about, not something that other people say you should learn about.

5. Watch a funny video.

Take a break from stress to watch some Vines or Youtube videos that make you laugh out loud. If you can’t decide what to watch, I recommend the classic Charlie Bit My Finger video.

6.Take a walk.

It can be uplifting to physically take a break from an environment in which you experience stress. Being outside produces a sense of freedom and well-being unmatched by any cubicle.

7. Give someone a compliment.

Have you noticed the way peoples’ eyes light up when they receive a compliment? As the compliment giver, you have made someone happy, and this makes you feel good too! Something as simple as telling your Cashier her shoes are cute creates happiness for the both of you.

8. Look at pictures/watch videos of cute animals.

It is a challenge not to feel all warm and fuzzy inside while watching a puppy experience rain for the first time, or a tiny kitten surprised by its sneeze. You are guaranteed to at least crack a smile.

9. Tell a family member you love them.

Haven’t talked to Grandma in a couple months? Something as simple as leaving a post on her Facebook wall will undoubtedly make her day. Knowing you made her day will simultaneously make you happy.

10. Enjoy food or drink that you love.

Remember that it’s okay to treat yourself! If you enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte, make yourself happy and get that latte. Moderation is key in not feeling guilty about comfort food.

Last modified on November 9th, 2016

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