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Bonjour Jolie Review: Treat Yo’self

Bonjour Jolie Review
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I’m in search for the perfect period subscription box. I tried out Le Parcel, and long story short it majorly sucked—so on to the next one. Bonjour Jolie promises to “take the frustration out of your period and put the happy back in,” so I tried out their one-time box. Spoiler alert, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

I was amazed by the amount of customization provided when you sign up for Bonjour Jolie. You initially choose between a one-time box ($26.50) and a monthly subscription ($22.50); you can also choose to receive just a box of treats without the feminine products ($20.50). You can also customize your box to be gluten-free, sugar free, nut-free, caffeine-free, or vegan.

But that’s not all; you get to choose between pads (Always, Stayfree, Tampax, Kotex, U by Kotex, U by Kotex Tween, NatraCard, or Seventh Generation) or tampons (Tampax Pearl, Tampax Radiant, Tampax Cardboard, U by Kotex, or Seventh Generation), or a combo of both. Bonjour Jolie also offers the option for liners (Always, CareFree, Kotex Security, U by Kotex, Always Radiant, Poise, and Playtex Sport).

In addition to the feminine products, each Bonjour Jolie box comes with feminine wipes and Advil, bath and body pampering items, specialty teas and drinks, sweet treats, and a hand-curated gift. You also get the option of adding more of everything—extra Tylenol, Midol Complete, BodiHeat, Advil, an extra bag of sweets, an extra bag of pampering items, or a high-end makeup item.

You also get to choose your ship date. Bonjour Jolie is definitely the most customizable period subscription box I’ve come across.

Bonjour Jolie Review

The Products

I have just one complaint: NO. CHOCOLATE. One quick trip to the Bonjour Jolie Instagram proves that some customers do receive chocolate in their boxes, but this girl didn’t. And this girl firmly believes that periods and chocolate always go hand in hand. Always.

The lack of chocolate aside, there is A LOT going on in this box—flavored teas, advil, a cute little macaron-shaped lip balm, and even a necklace. My favorite product was probably the macaron-shaped lip balm; it’s super moisturizing and it doesn’t smell like anything. I repeat: it doesn’t smell. At all. The scariest thing about receiving a free lip balm is the awful smell that usually comes with it; so I was excited about receiving something so Instagram-worthy and functional. It now lives in my purse and I’ve gotten compliments on it already.

I’m also excited about the bath bomb; it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan. In fact, most of Bonjour Jolie’s products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, nut-free, vegan, and/or organic. Even the suckers are organic—although don’t let that scare you off, the YumEarth cherry sucker was still amazing. The cookies and the caramels were pretty good too, and Boom Chicka Pop popcorn is delish. (I still would’ve traded every single one of them for chocolate, though.)

Bonjour Jolie Review

The Value: $40.92

One Bonjour Jolie box costs $25.60, so the $40.92 total value is slightly above the cost. And the great thing about Bonjour Jolie is that there are SO many products. Don’t like caramel? Eat a sucker. Don’t like the teas they give you? Use the honey packet to spice up your normal morning tea. Even better, when you sign up and choose what all goes into your box, you can add extra products — an extra bag of sweets, an extra bag of pampering items, or a high-end makeup item, and even extra Advil, Tylenol, or Midol Complete.

Obviously, this drives up the price, but if you’d rather have more pampering than candy, it’s worth it; plus, you literally never have to leave your home during your period again.

The Verdict: Is Bonjour Jolie Worth It?

Honestly, the Bonjour Jolie box contains a lot of products—too much for me to use during the four days my period lasts each month. This box could easily be spread out over two periods, especially because with any period subscription box you’re spending more than you normally would—so I would personally recommend trying out the one-time box and just ordering whenever you need one. Or whenever you just want a little pampering.

That being said, subscription boxes like Bonjour Jolie are popular based on the convenience factor. You’re shy and don’t want to be seen buying tampons, candy, and pain meds all in one trip? You always forget to pick up tampons before Mother Nature strikes? Or maybe you just want to feel a little special during your lowest point of the month? Bonjour Jolie’s monthly subscription is the perfect solution for you.

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Last modified on November 18th, 2019

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