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Periods Suck. So Does Le Parcel.

Periods Suck. So Does Le Parcel.
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This post was originally written in March of 2015.

To state the obvious, periods suck. The emotions, the hanger, the cramps, the bloating…we all go through it, we all bitch and moan, and yet nothing ever changes. If only there were a way to look forward to that time of the month instead of dreading it…

Enter Le Parcel, a service that sends you monthly care packages filled with chocolates, beauty gifts, and your choice of tampons or pads (so you don’t have to make that embarrassing trip to the store).

Except that the chocolate is gluten free, the “gifts” are Chiclet-esque gum and tacky sequin hair ties, and you’re charged $20 each and every month. $20 for some tampons, some nasty chocolate, and some damn gum.

I subscribed to Le Parcel with high hopes. Their website features beauty samples from Chanel and M.A.C., and they’re even recommended by Cosmopolitan and Huffington Post, so I was instantly sold. I read a few bad reviews about Le Parcel on other blogs, but I ignored them because I really wanted my period to be as amazing as Le Parcel promised they could make it.

I probably should’ve listened to those reviews – and I hope you’ll listen to this one – because after just two months, I’ve decided to cancel my subscription.

Month 1

Periods Suck. So Does Le Parcel.

The first month, I received 25 tampons, three gluten-free chocolates (did I ask for gluten-free?? NO), some nasty, tiny gum that resembled Chiclets, and some lip glaze that smelled awful. I told myself that if my second month were equally disappointing, I would cancel.

Month 2

Periods Suck. So Does Le Parcel.

But still, my hopes were high. I just knew this month’s gifts would be amazing. I had seen images of Le Parcel boxes with other (aka better) brands of chocolates, so I hoped maybe I would receive some Lindor Truffles or something. No such luck: This time, I received 25 tampons, three gluten-free chocolates (again), a tiny jar of foot scrub (with a label that was already peeling off – cheap, obviously), and some tacky sequin hair ties. Wait, hair ties? I haven’t worn sequin hair ties since I was in middle school, back when scrunchies were still cool. Like a million years ago.

To wrap this post up (so I can go find some REAL chocolate), I would definitely not recommend subscribing to Le Parcel. I really wanted to give them a chance because the initial idea of receiving a monthly care package for your period is absolutely GENIUS, but it just didn’t live up to the hype (or the false promises of brands like M.A.C. and Chanel on the homepage).

But I’m not giving up hope completely; if you subscribe to a monthly box like Le Parcel (but better, hopefully), comment below and let me know what I should try (and review) try next!

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Featured image via LeParcel

Last modified on November 18th, 2019

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